New emotions – new ideas! Impressions from Maison & Object exhibition in Paris

An integral part of our team’s development is following the latest trends in the field of interior design and visiting the best exhibitions in the world in search of inspiration and the highest quality materials for our clients. Recently, Maison & Object provided us with a fantastic opportunity, consisting of several days of aesthetic and tactile pleasure!

One of the most memorable events for the Bolshakova Interiors team was breakfast with ELLE Decoration Ukraine, where we were able to gain a deeper insight into the brand philosophy. We experienced at first hand textures of the new collection from Dedar - a brand-manufacturer of fabrics for Hermes.

There were also moments of pure joy, such as a romantic escape from the urbanism of modern Paris to the Elitis showroom with its incredible natural patterns and colours, as well as an opportunity to enjoy miniature works of art with de Gournay!

Maison & Object-2019 became a eye opening and creative interlude, inspiring and hugely productive!

The art of creating a light – presentation Santa & Cole in Kiev

On the 24th January, in the Poliform showroom, the Bolshakova Interiors team attended a presentation given by the Spanish brand Santa & Cole. The Santa & Cole brand was founded in 1985, although many of the ideas influencing the first collections originated in the 60s. For example, in 1962, the designer and co-founder of the brand Miguel saw an image of a ball. He wondered how to use this in his work and, subsequently, the legendary Cesta lamp came into being.

One of the main principles of the company is continuous reassessment and updating . This means many products have been improved and reissued in later collections, making them timeless classics. Nina, Santa & Cole are designers, who carefully select and show the world, not what is being dictated by fashion, but what the creators and their clients really feel is important. The style and composition of artifacts, created by Santa & Cole at the beginning of their creative journey, never become obsolete over time and continue to delight connoisseurs of exclusive design.

SBID UKRAINE: First conference in Ukraine “Interior business and design”

“During the three years of our representation, we have not only learned how to keep track of the current problems of the interior business in our country, but we clearly understand what should be done in order to strengthen its competitiveness in the international arena.”
Natalia Bolshakova, Regional Director SBID Ukraine.

On November 23 in Kiev, the first interior design and business conference in Ukraine, was held at the Hilton Hotel. This event was organized by the Ukrainian representative office of the international organization SBID.

The organization brings together representations from 224,000 of the best design companies around the world. SBID has become a unique communication platform for exchanging knowledge and experience with western colleagues and expanding portfolio knowledge in related fields.

Anna Kravchuk, partner of the patent and law agency Synergy, and Ekaterina Sokolova, co-founder of the brand NOOM, discussed preventive measures for the effective protection of intellectual property rights in industrial and interior design.

A separate panel at the conference dealt with issues of insurance and financial support in the field of interior design and construction, the speakers were Tatiana Babko, director of Oakeshott Insurance Consultants Ltd in Ukraine, founder of Intelcity Leonid Nikolaev, and co-founder of 7CI Group Olga Gavura.

Various aspects of working with developers and presentations of implemented cases were included in presentations by Dmitry Bonesko, creative director of commercial design studio YOD, and SBID founder Vanessa Brady.

LORO PIANA Interiors in Ukraine!

On November 15, in Kiev, we were invited to a groundbreaking event in the world of design, the opening of the Loro Piana Interiors showroom. DOMIO co-founder Julia Danilova and CEO of Loro Piana Interiors brand Pierre Luigi Volonte met the guests. The team from Bolshakova Interiors have worked on the interior of the showroom visually representing the concept of Loro Piana Interiors and bringing this beautiful project to life.

For six generations, Loro Piana has created the best cashmere and woolen fabrics that can surprise and satisfy the most demanding customers. So, in the showroom you can experience not only visual, but tactile pleasure, to feel the touch of the finest merino wool, tender baby cashmere or Peruvian vicuna wool. In this space, the highest quality fabrics combine with elegant interiors and exceptional service.

ELLE Decoration International Design Awards

On November 14 in Kiev, we visited the first international design award - ELLE Decoration International Design Awards. The winners were selected from 13 categories, and the winner was nominated for an international award in Milan, which will be held as part of the main international exhibition Salone del Mobile.

The winners of the competition were determined by an authoritative panel composed of market experts, designers, architects and representatives of the ELLE Decoration editorial board. The selection took place on the basis of the candidates proposals to the panel in each of the nominated categories.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in Milan!

Breakfast with Emmanuel Gallino

As part of the opening of the studio Nataly Bolshakova and the flagship show room POLIFORM/VARENNA, the famous designer Emmanuel Gallino visited Ukraine. He shared his experiences of cooperation with large factories, spoke about the history of creating the most successful artifacts and what their popularity was based on .

Also, included in this educational breakfast, Marco Lualdi made a speech. His presentation was related to the history of the development of the Lualdi factory, specializing in the manufacture of doors, and features of its evolution, which is already passing through the fifth generation. The conversation took place in a cozy friendly atmosphere of the showroom POLIFORM/VARENNA.

The companies DOMIO Group and Nataly Bolshakova always strive for development and support it in every possible way. After all, only taking experience from the best and integrating modern developments into their projects can keep them in their position as market leaders.

The Age of Discovery

On October 19th, in the world of interior design, two important events occurred simultaneously. Firstly, the opening of a new studio Nataly Bolshakova Interiors and the flagship showroom POLIFORM / VARENNA. Secondly, the launch of one of the world’s most famous glossy publications – ELLE Decoration Ukraine.

Many guests, including representatives of the creative and political elite, well known media personalities and, of course, famous designers, gathered together at an event to celebrate the launch of the showrooms and the magazine. All had an opportunity to talk with creators of the new spaces Natalia Bolshakova and Julia Danilova, the editor in chief of ELLE Ukraine Sonya Zabuga, the designer of POLIFORM/VARENNA brand Emmaluel Gallina and enjoy the exquisite atmosphere in the new interior hotspot in the capital.

Cocktail party ELLE Decoration Ukraine

Recently we were able to congratulate ELLE Decoration Ukraine on the long-awaited fourth issue of the magazine. Why is it long-awaited? Because we really love this magazine and always look forward to new releases for another dose of inspiration. The main themes of this issue are: women in design, bright premieres of Salon del Mobile and the results of the ELLE Deco International Design Awards 2018.

Guests were treated at the restaurant of modern Vietnamese cuisine NĂM to Modern Vietnamese Cuisine from Hector Jimenez-Bravo. Throughout the evening we enjoyed the magical atmosphere, the program of events, quality music, an interesting program and communicating with friends.

Personally and inspiringly: presentation of Bespoke Interiors for Luxury living

On a warm summer evening on the 20th of July, on the shores of the azure coast of France, Nataly Bolshakova and Yulia Danilova (DOMIO) organized a dinner for a select group of friends to talk about design. Guests were welcomed by the Four Seasons Hotel on the peninsula of Cap Ferrat near Nice.

The event was opened by Nataly Bolshakova and Yulia Danilova, sharing their views on the creation of a unique living spaces in which everyone feels positive and happy. This is about the adventure of creating designs, based on many years experience in developing perfectly balanced interiors, which remain relevant for years to come.

Paolo Frigerio continued the evening, inviting everyone present to enjoy the harmony of texture and colour in the new collection of textiles from Hermes. At sunset, after the presentation the guests were offered a special menu and admired panoramic views of the mediterranean.

Presentation of the collection of home textiles and wallpaper from Hermes

On the 31 of May in Kiev in the Poliform showroom a presentation was held by the Domio Group to introduce a new collection of wallpaper and textiles from Hermes. During the presentation, Thierry Guerin, commercial director of Dedar, explained the ideas behind the collection and the a little about the process of its development.

The world of lush vegetation with colorful birds and animals, geometric motifs and an unusual combination of colours – all this perfectly describes this year’s new collection from Hermes. It is based on the theme of the interaction between the city and wildlife. The whole collection is permeated with the synergy of the two elements, not contradictory, but harmoniously complementing each other. In some cases, the main motifs are elegantly complemented by the company logo. The collection was realized through a cooperation between the famous artist Jan Paolo Panni and the young British illustrator Nigel Peak.