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A burst of inspiration from Maison & Object 2020 Exhibition in Paris

The desire to constantly develop and keep abreast of the latest trends in interior design prompted the Bolshakova Interiors team to visit the world famous exhibitions Maison & Object, which takes place in Paris. The 25th anniversary season of the exhibition will be remembered by our team for its innovative, modern ideas of brands and so many creative interpretations of the philosophy of consumption. A festival of sophisticated and refined collections and extraordinary ideas.

Our team met designer of the year Michael Anastassiades and was instantly inspired by his incredible collection of lights. “The simplest form is the hardest to create,” he says. - After all, it is in sight, you can’t hide the flaws. Consequently, I have been working on each model for a long time. It seems to you that this is a line and a cone, a line and a sphere. Yes, but behind them are incredibly carefully gaged proportions, the harmony of materials, the effect of the light calculated to the smallest detail. ”

Positive emotions were also evident in the bright ASSOULINE booth, which presented a new fantastic book AlUla and a selection of book covers in New Art style! Assouline Publishing , a publishing house, was founded by Prosper and Martina Assulin in 1994. To date, the company has published more than 1,500 books on architecture, design, art, fashion, lifestyle, gastronomy, travel and photography.

As always, the collections of such brands as Frato, Dedar and Pierre Frey were beautiful and elegant. Our designers had the opportunity to see many interesting new products that will, no doubt, find applications in studio projects.

Representatives of Loro Piana invited Julia Danilova, the head of the Domio Group, as well as the exclusive partner of Lora Piana in Ukraine and Natalya Bolshakova, as a designer head over heels in love with the brand, to spend one of the evenings in Paris at a gourmet dinner. The guests had a unique opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and share the philosophy of the brand in the luxurious building of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Project of the Week by SBID – Sunny Valley Residence

Sophistication and Simplicity for a Family-Orientated Residence

This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire interior design series features the elegance, sophistication and simplicity of a family-orientated residential design. The residential design is filled with colours and collectables from all over the world and paintings from the owner’s personal collection. Through the process of decorating, the designer created a truly individual style. Complex but unique solutions create a truly luxurious interior, while classical and modern features combine effortlessly and even the smallest details are brought to perfection. The interior style is largely contemporary and classic, but has an element of flexibility and fluidity. For example, the furniture and materials used are complemented by uplifting textiles from Hermès. These days it’s not enough to live in a beautiful space, a home needs to be imbued with meaning, and the completion of this residence is a vivid confirmation that perfect interior design must be based on thinking laterally and openly.

What was the client’s brief?

Individual style is emphasised in decorating the house – the result of client’s active participation. On this project we worked a lot with the client in the studio, at the facility and very actively shared information as the priority was to capture the clients personal style and incorporate their treasured belongings throughout the interior design scheme.

What inspired the interior design of the project?

Today, it’s not enough just to live in beautiful walls! It is important to fill it with your own meaning, and this house is a bright confirmation. An elegant and refined house for a family with a child, where every detail matters. In the afternoon, the ceremonial living room is flooded with sunlight, the lounge area near the large window is allocated for family meetings. Here every photo, picture or piece of art from the clients personal collection has found its ideal place within the house.

What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

We had to change the configuration of the house and forge a functional zoning of the premises. Thanks to this solution, our team was able to maximise the use of space throughout the property and make it comfortable.

What was your team’s highlight of the project?

A very interesting task was the installation and mounting of a chandelier weighing 250 kilogram – calculations were made and unique mounts were developed. When this chandelier was finally and successfully hung and lit, it really was a memorable highlight for our team!

Why did you enter the SBID International Design Awards?

For us, participation in the competition is a great opportunity to show Ukrainian design to the world. Our goal is to project and implement the best interiors of private and commercial facilities for customers from Ukraine and other countries.

Meet The Buyer: a fantastic networking opportunity for professionals in the interior design industy

The inaugural Meet The Buyer event was hosted by the Hilton Kyiv on March 14 in Ukraine. This innovative gathering allowed interior designers and architects from leading manufacturers and suppliers of interior design products to meet and interact in a completely new format for the industry.

The event was attended and overseen by Vanessa Brady, the founder of the Community of British and International Design, Lavinia Engelman, Event Management Manager, and Yulia Danilova and Natalia Bolshakova, Regional Directors of SBID Ukraine. SBID Ukraine believes that such events help to develop the industry, and plan to hold Meet The Buyer annually.

The event organizer, the Community of British and International Design in Ukraine (SBID Ukraine), succeeded in transforming simple networking into a unique event. The event encouraged the presentation of new and innovative products, in an active and productive format, from leading manufacturing companies, designers and architects. The format allowed participants to discover the latest innovations in the industry and exchange contacts with potential partners in areas of interior design, such as engineering, furniture, lighting, wall and floor coverings, automation of living space and others. In addition, Synergy Patent Law Agency, Oakeshott Insurance Group, University of the Arts, presented their products and visions for the future.


Recently, the results of the national competition for young design students, Get Me 2 The Top Ukraine were announced.

On March 14, 2019 in the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev, the Awarding Ceremony of the 3rd national competition of young designers "Get Me 2 the Top Ukraine" took place. The competition is organized annually by the community of British and international design SBID (The Society of British and International Design) to discover talented students and offer further patronage and support.

“In order for the industry in Ukraine to develop and be competitive globally, we must support and educate a new generation of specialists in this industry. The future of interior design is in the hands of students who really want to learn, gain experience and develop professionally,” say Natalia Bolshakova and Yulia Danilova - Regional Directors SBID Ukraine.

The competition was attended by students and graduates from 21 specialized universities from all over Ukraine and more than 100 design projects were submitted. Forty finalists from 14 universities entered the finals, the main winner being Puchka Ilya, a graduate of the Pridneprovsk State Academy of Construction and Architecture. The winner received the main prize, a 6 month internship at the famous architectural bureau Jestico & Whiles, located in London. Other prizes include trips abroad to the factories of partners Delta Light, Poliform LAB, JUNG, educational courses from the PRO PM School and the University of Art in London, useful gadgets, books and works of art from art historian Igor Abramovich.

New emotions – new ideas! Impressions from Maison & Object exhibition in Paris

An integral part of our team’s development is following the latest trends in the field of interior design and visiting the best exhibitions in the world in search of inspiration and the highest quality materials for our clients. Recently, Maison & Object provided us with a fantastic opportunity, consisting of several days of aesthetic and tactile pleasure!

One of the most memorable events for the Bolshakova Interiors team was breakfast with ELLE Decoration Ukraine, where we were able to gain a deeper insight into the brand philosophy. We experienced at first hand textures of the new collection from Dedar - a brand-manufacturer of fabrics for Hermes.

There were also moments of pure joy, such as a romantic escape from the urbanism of modern Paris to the Elitis showroom with its incredible natural patterns and colours, as well as an opportunity to enjoy miniature works of art with de Gournay!

Maison & Object-2019 became a eye opening and creative interlude, inspiring and hugely productive!

The art of creating a light – presentation Santa & Cole in Kiev

On the 24th January, in the Poliform showroom, the Bolshakova Interiors team attended a presentation given by the Spanish brand Santa & Cole. The Santa & Cole brand was founded in 1985, although many of the ideas influencing the first collections originated in the 60s. For example, in 1962, the designer and co-founder of the brand Miguel saw an image of a ball. He wondered how to use this in his work and, subsequently, the legendary Cesta lamp came into being.

One of the main principles of the company is continuous reassessment and updating . This means many products have been improved and reissued in later collections, making them timeless classics. Nina, Santa & Cole are designers, who carefully select and show the world, not what is being dictated by fashion, but what the creators and their clients really feel is important. The style and composition of artifacts, created by Santa & Cole at the beginning of their creative journey, never become obsolete over time and continue to delight connoisseurs of exclusive design.

SBID UKRAINE: First conference in Ukraine “Interior business and design”

“During the three years of our representation, we have not only learned how to keep track of the current problems of the interior business in our country, but we clearly understand what should be done in order to strengthen its competitiveness in the international arena.”
Natalia Bolshakova, Regional Director SBID Ukraine.

On November 23 in Kiev, the first interior design and business conference in Ukraine, was held at the Hilton Hotel. This event was organized by the Ukrainian representative office of the international organization SBID.

The organization brings together representations from 224,000 of the best design companies around the world. SBID has become a unique communication platform for exchanging knowledge and experience with western colleagues and expanding portfolio knowledge in related fields.

Anna Kravchuk, partner of the patent and law agency Synergy, and Ekaterina Sokolova, co-founder of the brand NOOM, discussed preventive measures for the effective protection of intellectual property rights in industrial and interior design.

A separate panel at the conference dealt with issues of insurance and financial support in the field of interior design and construction, the speakers were Tatiana Babko, director of Oakeshott Insurance Consultants Ltd in Ukraine, founder of Intelcity Leonid Nikolaev, and co-founder of 7CI Group Olga Gavura.

Various aspects of working with developers and presentations of implemented cases were included in presentations by Dmitry Bonesko, creative director of commercial design studio YOD, and SBID founder Vanessa Brady.

LORO PIANA Interiors in Ukraine!

On November 15, in Kiev, we were invited to a groundbreaking event in the world of design, the opening of the Loro Piana Interiors showroom. DOMIO co-founder Julia Danilova and CEO of Loro Piana Interiors brand Pierre Luigi Volonte met the guests. The team from Bolshakova Interiors have worked on the interior of the showroom visually representing the concept of Loro Piana Interiors and bringing this beautiful project to life.

For six generations, Loro Piana has created the best cashmere and woolen fabrics that can surprise and satisfy the most demanding customers. So, in the showroom you can experience not only visual, but tactile pleasure, to feel the touch of the finest merino wool, tender baby cashmere or Peruvian vicuna wool. In this space, the highest quality fabrics combine with elegant interiors and exceptional service.

ELLE Decoration International Design Awards

On November 14 in Kiev, we visited the first international design award - ELLE Decoration International Design Awards. The winners were selected from 13 categories, and the winner was nominated for an international award in Milan, which will be held as part of the main international exhibition Salone del Mobile.

The winners of the competition were determined by an authoritative panel composed of market experts, designers, architects and representatives of the ELLE Decoration editorial board. The selection took place on the basis of the candidates proposals to the panel in each of the nominated categories.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in Milan!

Breakfast with Emmanuel Gallino

As part of the opening of the studio Nataly Bolshakova and the flagship show room POLIFORM/VARENNA, the famous designer Emmanuel Gallino visited Ukraine. He shared his experiences of cooperation with large factories, spoke about the history of creating the most successful artifacts and what their popularity was based on .

Also, included in this educational breakfast, Marco Lualdi made a speech. His presentation was related to the history of the development of the Lualdi factory, specializing in the manufacture of doors, and features of its evolution, which is already passing through the fifth generation. The conversation took place in a cozy friendly atmosphere of the showroom POLIFORM/VARENNA.

The companies DOMIO Group and Nataly Bolshakova always strive for development and support it in every possible way. After all, only taking experience from the best and integrating modern developments into their projects can keep them in their position as market leaders.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33