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«Get me to the top»: SBID representatives in Ukraine are beginning a series of meetings with students

“Get me to the top” is a unique project in Ukraine, and the sphere of interior design in particular. Under the auspices of the SBID and its Ukrainian representative office patronage, it was launched on October 6. The staging of this contest is to demonstrate the potential of the younger generation of Ukrainian designers and architects to offer them a chance to showboat their skills and get acquainted with some iconic personalities in their professional sphere.

On the eve of the official opening ceremony “Get me to the top”, SBID regional representatives in Ukraine, Natalia Bolshakova and Julia Danilova initiated a series of meetings with the students of specialized universities in the country.

One such meeting was held in KNUCA (Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture) on September 23. This university is considered to be a leader in the training of specialists in the field of design and architecture. Natalia and Julia talked with students, explained the conditions of the contest and answered many questions from the invited audience.

The meeting was not only informative, but also inspiring: the enthusiasm of the audience was clear proof of that.

“Our task is to show Europe that here in Ukraine we have a growing generation of talented, incredibly promising designers and architects who need the support and opportunity to make a mark at the start of their careers. Looking at student’s level of interest and enthusiasm, I’m sure that the tremendous amount of work involved in the organization of this competition was not in vain, “- says Natalia Bolshakova, a leading designer, SBID member, winner of international competitions in the field of interior design.

“We look forward to the first competition projects from students and we have no doubt that «Get me to the top» will be a great opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills and talents. Considering the reaction from our first audience, there will be more than enough projects “- said Julia Danilova, founder of Domio Home Interiors company.

You can find out more information about the upcoming contest, as well as about further meetings with students at Ukrainian universities on the:

official SBID Ukraine Facebook page.
+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33