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Pragmatika.MEDIA about the interior design Soft touch residence

Pragmatika.MEDIA about the history of the creation of the project Soft touch residence from Bolshakova Interiors studio.

Natalia Bolshakova of Bolshakova Interiors designed apartments with areas of 270 square metres in Kiev LCD PecherSky, specifically for couples. The colour scheme was predominantly whites and bright accents and as part of the process, I was given the opportunity to work on the design of a nursery for twins.

From a personal point of view, it turned out to be a somewhat organic object, which reflected the personalities of the owners. From the feedback I received from them, it is clear they are happy in this place - it’s cosy and tailor made for them. This is the most salient point.

Maintaining balance is our main goal. If the direction of the concept is chosen carefully, then the question of its conservation does not arise. As a rule, the main direction is chosen at the first stage of work on the project and usually stays as a constant.

A pleasing aspect of the project is how all common zones are combined in one space and conditionally zoned. This turned out especially well and there is a feeling of spaciousness and an understanding that the functionality of all the components is effective. The partition for zoning the entrance and the living room was designed specifically for this project, bespoke and when installed, aesthetically pleasing. The work on the nursery was both challenging and rewarding.

In her work, designer Natalya Bolshakova adheres to her main principles: attention to the wishes of the client and careful control of each stage of the project. These, in her opinion, are the main conditions for an enduring universal design. Based on this, the interior design of these apartments started with a detailed conversation with clients. “Their main wish was a white interior with streamlined shapes and a red kitchen, which served as a starting point for our team in creating the interior of Soft touch residence. We tried to capture the mood of our customers and added a little elegance that impressed them, ” said the chief designer of the project.

A total rethink was required as two apartments were combined in this project. The project began with common areas, the kitchen, and the concept of white space. Subsequently, the couple discovered they were expecting twins and realised they would have to contemplate the idea of a children's room.

The apartments start from the lounge. To the right of the entrance was a dressing room - a separate room with a sliding glass partition and elegantly designed storage systems from Poliform. The concept is carefully thought out and implemented according to the designer’s sketches. The red armchair by the window is a bright focal point of this zone, and the unique chandelier by Art & Floritude, which stretches along the ceiling with a cloud of leaves brings elements of wildlife and the maintenance of balance.

The entrance from the common area is separated by a partition composed of rounded elements from the Italian factory Bellavista. It is made individually and based on sketches by Natalia Bolshakova. Another zoning element incorporates marble fragments on the floor.

The hall continues into the common area. “We combined the living room with the dining room and kitchen to visually give the space freedom and lightness,” says Natalya Bolshakova. The layout is open, easy on the eye, all zones are easily visible. The main architectural element here are wooden partitions that zone the living room. The same function is performed by the well chosen flooring, the living room has natural wood parquet in a deck layout, the kitchen is lined with marble tiles.

The kitchen area was fitted with a luxurious white and red kitchen from the limited edition OLA 25 designed by Paolo Pinifarina for Snaidero. It has a characteristic instantly recognizable loop-shaped leg in red carbon trim on the console table of the kitchen island. Coincidentally, a series was released in 2015 in honour of the 25th anniversary of the cooperation between Snaidero and the legendary Pininfarina Design bureau, who design exclusive cars, for example, for Ferrari and Maserati.

In the dining room elegant chairs and an oval table with a white marble countertop were placed near the panoramic window, offering spectacular views of the city.

The master bedroom embodies the idea of the white interior. “To implement this concept, we used furniture from the Italian factory Colombostile. Her slightly playful, airy style was perfect for this room” enthused the designers . The continuation is a luxurious bathroom, decorated with Italian mosaic Sicis. It turned out to be problematic to construct a shower cabin in glass and a complex individual technical solution was required.

The most inspirational aspect of the project was the design of the nursery. The news of the appearance of twins in the family was joyful, and the design team wanted to convey this mood. They opted for the Altamoda collection, which featured lots of cute little bears.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33