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Sample Apartments Design for residential complex PecherSky

For half a year, we worked together with the salon «Domio» to create a showroom.

“The purpose of the showroom is to demonstrate the atmosphere and way of life in the elite residential complex PecherSKY, as it is impossible to experience it when purely entering the concrete walls. Of course, there will be an individual style for each client, but by physically experiencing the cozy finished interior, a person can better understand living in this complex, “- said Natalia Bolshakova.

Fundamentally, each of the zones in the showroom conveys to visitors the promise of comfort, harmony, home warmth, which is so necessary to feel at home.

In terms of the heat, the fact that design can create a sense of home and tranquility and “slippers on the feet,” becomes obvious and the fireplace also represents the “heat” and feeling of relaxation in the showroom. There is a whole zone dedicated to relaxation : a fireplace, a table, armchairs and panoramic windows overlooking the burning fires of Kyiv, what more do you need to relax after a hard working day?

To create an unique atmosphere in the interior furnishings were chosen carefully: A kitchen-dining room and fireplace by Galimberti Nino, Arrital, cabinet by Porada, Frighetto, Mascagni, Cattelan Italia, living room by Dolfi, Galimberti Nino, Spectral, Loewe, decor by Mascagni, LoRachen. The lighting for the entire showroom was organized using lamps by Heathfield and Penta factories. We should also highlight the extraordinary light installation Les Galets by French factory Art Et Floritude, located in the living room.

You can view the entire project:

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33