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The representative office of British Design Association SBID has been opened in Ukraine.

The ceremony was held at the official residence of the Ambassador of the Majesty United Kingdom in Ukraine, Judith Gough. Vanessa Brady, SBID President attended at the ceremony.

SBID is an international organization that unites professional architects and designers with manufacturers, developers, investors and suppliers. The association has more than 50 thousand accredited professionals from all over the world.

SBID is a platform where trends are emerging, there is an exchange of knowledge and experience, and here industry representatives have access to large-scale projects and investments. Interior design industry, as one of the important sectors of the UK economy with GDP £ 11.6 billion, is actively supported by the British government. For the development of the design industry in the country, Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II awarded SBID President Vanessa Brady with Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Natalia Bolshakova, interior designer and SBID member, and Yulia Danilova, founder of the Domio Home Interiors company, leads SBID regional representation in Ukraine.

SBID Representation in Ukraine set next goals:
- to promote the Ukrainian professional designers, architects and manufacturers to the world market;
- to facilitate their participation in major projects and tenders in the UK and Europe;
- to accredit professional designers, architects and manufacturers according to SBID Code;
- to create favorable conditions to attract investment in the construction, manufacturing and interior design in Ukraine;
- to develop training programs and studying in Britain for talented students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine;
- to support the design industry as a promising sector of our economy, at the state level.

The Society of British and International Design (SBID) - is one of the most prestigious European organizations. It establishes European standards in interior design, accredit professionals from all over the world and helps to cooperate designers, manufacturers and experts at home and abroad more efficiently. SBID accreditation for interior designer, primarily – is an indicator of their highest qualification.

Through SBID, their professional accreditation standards represent 16 national members of the European Council of Interior Architects and NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) in the USA and Canada.

Vanessa Brady, SBID President: «SBID played an important role in establishing industry standards, which have opened up new markets in UK that were closed before. The introduction of such standards in Ukraine will testify to the recognition of the professionalism that makes it possible for our colleagues in the global industry to understand better the market and its professionals, as well as it is a brand name of belonging to the international design community. "

Natalia Bolshakova, interior designer, SBID member, SBID Regional Director in Ukraine: "The opening of SBID representative office in Ukraine makes it possible to establish a close relationship with a country that serves as a benchmark for the global design industry. It means new contacts, new information, new events and new ideas for us."

Yuliya Danilova, Head of Domio Home Interiors company, SBID Regional Director in Ukraine: "In the face of SBID we gain additional features that will help each of us to achieve the highest possible degree of professionalism and get a chance to gain recognition of Ukrainian design around the world."

Judith Gough, British Ambassador in Ukraine: "The creative economy plays a very important role in the UK economy as a whole. This area brings more than 71 billion pounds a year to the British economy and provides jobs for 1.6 million people. Our task is to develop cooperation with a prosperous and successful in its work, rich Ukraine. I hope that SBID will make a huge contribution to the partnership between our countries."

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33