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ELLE Decoration Ukraine: new project Emerald Villa

Bold dreams in the fabulous interior of a project by designer Natalya Bolshakova

Alice laughed.

“You cannot believe the impossible!”

“You just have little experience,” said the Queen.

- At your age, I spent half an hour every day! On other days, I managed to believe in a dozen impossibilities before breakfast.

”The dialogue from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice through the Looking Glass” would resonate with anyone sitting in the living room of Natalya’s latest project, a house near Kiev. An elegant and slightly eccentric living room, in the best of English traditions, is located in the additional, grandly named guest wing of the main house. The property also boasts a dining room, porch, barbecue area, guest bedroom, spa area, hammam and gym. Natalya Bolshakova (Bolshakova Interiors) worked on the interior and enthusiastically recounts details of the property: “I would say there were no obvious shortcomings in the space, some advantages: large footage (360 sq. M), large wide windows “from which beautiful views, extraordinary ideas and solutions can be generated by the client, the ideal situation! ”

Dreams and fantasies, which initially seemed too bold to come to fruition within the walls of the main house, have become a reality here. When asked what influenced the choices of colour, Natalya smiles: “The mood of the client. In relation to the living room, we were inspired by English and French interiors with active colours. I wanted colours that represented aspects of life and celebration, bright and unexpected combinations. ”

A bar counter with a metal surface evolved as a joint idea with the client: an idea that was complicated to implement and required a long and detailed search for a suitable artist, accurate and careful production of all the delicate compounds. Ultimately, the feeling of mixing “manhattans” and dry martinis at such a beautifully constructed counter must be a wonderful experience. There was another inspirational challenge for the designer, to fit the hostess into the eclectic interior.

The mockingly playful mood of the living room is replaced with calm classics in the guest bedroom, decorated in tones of latte and English roses. In the recreation areas white minimalism reigns, accentuated by graphic black details - niches and French sliding doors – al slightly understated, allowing one to admire the varied shades of green through the huge windows. Natural light and living plants add to the ambience and give a fresh and natural feel.

However, even in the perfect project, there must have been a difficult area of work? “Choosing fabric for curtains,” Natalya laughs. - I also had to rack my brains over where to install the fireplace. There were many options until we found the perfect place. Everything else went smoothly, we were all on the same wavelength.Actually, I perceive this as a collection of art”.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33