Aftertaste iSaloni 2015

This consisted of twenty-four huge pavilions, with an area as forty-five football fields, 1737 exhibitors, including the best furniture, lighting and decor manufacturers from around the world.

Most of the time I spent in Milan factory stands. More and more brands are being exhibited at iSaloni every year and I could not afford to miss something so exciting and worthwhile. Everything represented at the exhibition could potentially be used in my work next year.

This year was the year of the light! The iSaloni framework held an exhibition of EuroLuce 2015. I liked what I was shown in Milan. Everyone returned to well worn traditions, the revival comes with a modern touch. The retro theme is prevalent, the impact of “lived in”not old items was clear, not junk but emanating a new lease of life.

Brushed metal, natural wood textures, crude cloudy glass – all of this is fashionable now. Most manufacturers are reorienting their traditional “elegant” collections in calmer modes. There is a lot of colour; no one is fixated on monochrome palettes. Shades are completely different and challenging. There are no open and simple colours or materials, such as metal anymore. My overall conclusion of the trends in home lighting – is lots of matte, “cloudy” raw glass, a lot of brushed metal, getting closer to natural materials and raw surfaces.