Force of the nature. Lively dynamics sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn

Together with works by Mattis, sculptures by Auguste Rodin and candlesticks by Baccarat, La Belle Epoque luxury penthouse in Monaco is decorated with several creations by Lorenzo Quinn. The terrace of one of the most expensive apartments in the world, which not so long ago was sold for a record $306.5 million dollars, is decorated with sculpture The Force of Nature. It is an ode to the incredible power of Mother Nature.

The dimensions of this object of art are not as great as it might seem at first glance – a little more than four meters in length, and two – in height. Nevertheless, Quinn managed to create a great sense of wonder and an incredible dynamic – a fragile girl, cast in bronze, stainless steel and aluminum, has the fate of the entire planet entirely in her hands. The shock of a typhoon that swept through Thailand inspired Lorenzo to create this masterpiece. Such natural disasters is another reminder that people, in fact, are not omnipotent and cannot completely subdue the forces of nature, no matter what technology and gadgets they have at their disposal. Through his series of stunning sculptures, Quinn offers nature a metaphorical sacrifice, as people did in order to appease the gods and to protect themselves from their anger.

Two more great Lorenzo’s works: Reflectons and Draw your own time, have found their place in the La Belle Epoque penthouse. The first personifies the multidimensional attractiveness of each of us, reminding us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the second invites us to become free from imposed interim rules and create our own.

“Find the time to live!” – says Quinn about hand sculpture, which draws its laws from the sands of time.

Interestingly, Lorenzo seems to be very successful in what he advises others: the son of the legendary American actor Anthony Quinn, he also dabbled in film, acting and producing pictures. When he is free from sculpture, Lorenzo engages in motor sports and travels a lot. Recently, his cult series “Love” appears frequently in his Instagram postings.