Galimberti Nino: from the small family factory to the factory with a worldwide reputation.

Today in Domio the salon was closed for a meeting with Carlo Galimberti – inspirational leader and PR-manager of the Italian furniture factory Galimberti Nino. The history of this company or, more precisely, a family factory started in 1885, it is relatively small developmental period for such brands. However, during this time Galimberti Nino managed to achieve worldwide recognition and to instill his great taste into his clients. Galimberti family has always been famous for the highest quality standards, using the finest materials and hand finishing almost all of his furniture.

Initially, the production of furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and private offices were small, all was handmade, but even now, after almost half a century, Galimberti Nino manages to combine a high-tech approach and handmade items, which is a rare phenomenon in our time. Another unique advantage of Galimberti Nino furniture is its durability. At the meeting, Carlo shared the secrets of careful material selection, explained what inspires him to create new collections, and proved that several styles, such as up to date classics and modern conciseness, can safely and organically coexist in one interior.

We would have liked to talk to Carlo endlessly but, unfortunately our meeting was brief. However, even in such a short time, my team and I, chief editor of Salon magazine, Oksana Derevyanko, and Domio Home Interiors team fully managed to be inspired by our acquaintance with Galimberti Nino’s history.

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