Hermès Maison came to Ukraine for the first time

Axel Dumas, General Director of Hermès, once said: “The main strength of Hermès – is in the love to craftsmanship.” The products reflect this ethos and you begin to understand it is not a slogan, but an undeniable truth. Everything that is produced by Hermès, from handbags to home products is not an industry, it is art.

On the June 4 Hermès expanded horizons of creativity for Ukrainian designers. The first presentation of textiles and wallpapers from Hermès Maison House in Ukraine was held in Hilton H-Bar, one of the most stylish places in Kiev. Domio was selected as the organizer of the event and the official distributor of the brand in our country. They are reliable, constant partners and beloved friends. Sergio Dall’Olio conducted the presentation. He is CEO of Dedar company that specializes in the production of textiles and wallpapers.

Visiting the presentation, I realized once again the highest level of design and style of Hermès. This is more than just textiles! Hermès house is justifiably considered to be one of the top trendsetters in the world of interior, not only in the field of textile design.

For Ukrainian interior design, it’s a new stage, new level, new format. It’s bold colours, prints, and as Sergio reminded us, the irony of the usual things, such as the unusual print of tiny horses!. We feel the presence of new, modern classics in textiles and wallpaper, represented by Hermès. This innovation, is exactly what customers wanted so much and so lacking in our market.

Without doubt, the appearance of Hermès Maison in Ukraine is the beginning of a new era for Ukrainian design, inspiration for designers and new opportunities for clients.