The art of creating a light – presentation Santa & Cole in Kiev

On the 24th January, in the Poliform showroom, the Bolshakova Interiors team attended a presentation given by the Spanish brand Santa & Cole. The Santa & Cole brand was founded in 1985, although many of the ideas influencing the first collections originated in the 60s. For example, in 1962, the designer and co-founder of the brand Miguel saw an image of a ball. He wondered how to use this in his work and, subsequently, the legendary Cesta lamp came into being.

One of the main principles of the company is continuous reassessment and updating . This means many products have been improved and reissued in later collections, making them timeless classics. Nina, Santa & Cole are designers, who carefully select and show the world, not what is being dictated by fashion, but what the creators and their clients really feel is important. The style and composition of artifacts, created by Santa & Cole at the beginning of their creative journey, never become obsolete over time and continue to delight connoisseurs of exclusive design.