LORO PIANA Interiors in Ukraine!

On November 15, in Kiev, we were invited to a groundbreaking event in the world of design, the opening of the Loro Piana Interiors showroom. DOMIO co-founder Julia Danilova and CEO of Loro Piana Interiors brand Pierre Luigi Volonte met the guests. The team from Bolshakova Interiors have worked on the interior of the showroom visually representing the concept of Loro Piana Interiors and bringing this beautiful project to life.

For six generations, Loro Piana has created the best cashmere and woolen fabrics that can surprise and satisfy the most demanding customers. So, in the showroom you can experience not only visual, but tactile pleasure, to feel the touch of the finest merino wool, tender baby cashmere or Peruvian vicuna wool. In this space, the highest quality fabrics combine with elegant interiors and exceptional service.