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“My home – it is me”. This is inspiration from Wendy Anderson, the curator from University of the Arts London.

The day before yesterday in Kiev, a practical seminar-workshop from Wendy Anderson took place. She is a curator from the University of the Arts London (UAL), Camberwell College of Arts, Chelsea (Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Colleges), coordinator of international educational programs and purely and simply an incredibly interesting person.

Participants were able not only bolster their professional arsenal with new techniques and skills, but also to look at interior design, the concept of living space from a different angle. Wendy ascertains:

“The house – it’s not just the furniture, textile or a specific layout – it’s a part of owner’s soul, which should fully reflect their character, style, aspirations, inner peace.”

And it’s really true. If you compare the feeling of staying in a hotel or a rented apartment with the feeling, when you cross the threshold of YOUR home, everything will fall into place. A good interior designer should take into account absolutely everything from the time a homeowner usually wakes up and end with what they dream about. Anderson cited examples in the world of art, by such geniuses as Diego Velasquez, Claude Monet, James Whistler depicting interiors in their works, corresponding to the nature of their characters.

Wendy offered workshop participants an unusual task, in just in 30 minutes the layout of the house for a famous person should be created, using only paper, tape, scissors and cardboard and then trying to understand how the design and architecture best reflects the character of the person.

Natalia Bolshakova, the head of Nataly Bolshakova Interiors, shared her impressions from the workshop:

“We limit ourselves too much by working with tried and tested methods of design on paper or in a 3d-program, which was fundamentally created by other people, who are detached and often not the most competent in this area. When you go back to basics, work with your own hands, and the simplest materials, you immediately begin to develop something new, produce fresh and innovative ideas. It was a very rewarding experience! “.

The meeting was initiated by SBID Ukraine society, represented by Natalia Bolshakova and Yulia Danilova, the Regional Directors, as well as by the Donstream Educational Group and Elena Khilkova- the exclusive representative of the University of the Arts London to Ukraine and CIS countries.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33