Natalia Bolshakova is an honorary member of the British Design Association (SBID)

Natalia Bolshakova, the winner of SBID International Design Awards 2012, was recognized as an honorary member of the British Design Association. Accreditation of SBID is a benchmark, which shows the level of professionalism of the designer and confirms their appropriate high standards in the field of interior design.

The British Association of Interior Design (The Society of British Interior Design - SBID) is the leading UK agency that represents this sector and reflects the highest standards in education and development in the field of design and construction. SBID is the only UK organization in the interior design sphere, which is included by the European Council on interior architecture.

Memberships in SBID allows designers to keep abreast of world events and trends in the business, to improve their professional skills and learn about innovations and standards in interior design.