Presentation of the collection of home textiles and wallpaper from Hermes

On the 31 of May in Kiev in the Poliform showroom a presentation was held by the Domio Group to introduce a new collection of wallpaper and textiles from Hermes. During the presentation, Thierry Guerin, commercial director of Dedar, explained the ideas behind the collection and the a little about the process of its development.

The world of lush vegetation with colorful birds and animals, geometric motifs and an unusual combination of colours – all this perfectly describes this year’s new collection from Hermes. It is based on the theme of the interaction between the city and wildlife. The whole collection is permeated with the synergy of the two elements, not contradictory, but harmoniously complementing each other. In some cases, the main motifs are elegantly complemented by the company logo. The collection was realized through a cooperation between the famous artist Jan Paolo Panni and the young British illustrator Nigel Peak.