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The Youth Contest «Get me 2 The Top» from The Society of British and International Design SBID is launched!

October 6, 2016. The youth competition for interior design «Get me 2 The Top» a representation of British and international design society SBID (The Society of British and International Design) was officially opened in the Shcherbenko Art Center.

Friends and partners of SBID Association participated in the celebration. Famous designers, heads of major companies, activists and opinion-leaders of the professional sphere. SBID and British college representatives highlighted the great potential of Ukrainian Interior Design, spoke favorably regarding the activities of the Ukrainian representative office and heralded it as one of the best in Europe!

In addition to the official section and informal communication with the students at the opening ceremony of the «Get me 2 The Top», we were able to talk with several iconic personalities from the field of European education and interior design. During the press conference speakers discussed important themes for insiders and aspiring professionals in the field of design.

Vanessa Brady, the President of The Society of British and International Design, arrived at the opening of the contest. She talked about SBID Association professional standards, which are considered to be some of the most demanding and high ranking in the world. She said the following regarding the project:

“To find a job after studying is a major problem in our profession. The contest “Get me 2 The Top», organized by Natalia and Julia, will help rectify this situation. Thanks to the project, young professionals in our sphere become “visible” to prospective employers and communities, giving them a “leg up” in their personal development and formation. We are represented in 19 countries, but decided to choose Ukraine for the competition and let the world know about its potential. No matter how talented you are, if nobody knows about you, there is little chance for success. This is the reason, with Natalia and Julia’s support, we’re here. ”

Vanessa Brady

Wendy Anderson, Director of International Development, Chairman of the Select Committee of Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon (CCW) colleges – University of the Arts London (the UAL), spoke about the training of students in the field of interior design and the impact of high-quality design on our lives:

“This is my second visit to Kiev, the first one was in May, when we conducted a master class. Luckily, I had the opportunity to communicate with your students, they are great! Now I’m here on a special mission, representing the College of Design and Arts of Chelsea, which actively supports all the innovations in the field of architecture and design. It is very important, as high-quality design and architecture has a huge impact on our lives! Behind each progressive design, is an interesting personality. The contest “Get me 2 The Top» searches for such people!”.

Elena Hilkova, representative of University of the Arts London UAL in Ukraine and CIS countries, gave the students some practical recommendations that will certainly help them in building their careers:

“It is common practice in UK colleges that after graduating, students are immediately invited to training, to witness them at work. An independent, creative company, such as Annie Sloan, who are supporting us today, organise the training of students who are still learning to see how they develop over time. “The combination of theory and practice” – is the principle guiding our colleges and leading companies-employers. In addition, this is long used practice that is spreading in the UK – specialists regularly attend refresher courses, which greatly strengthens their position in the labour market. All these factors were considered in the process of creating our partnership with SBID and supporting competition, “Give Me 2 The Top». We will try to encourage students in every way to allow them to develop and give them the ability to travel to internships and educational projects!”.

Nina Vasadze, the co-founder of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, has the experience of conducting similar youth fashion competitions, so she is well aware of their importance and the results they can generate:

“The Kiev Fashion Days Project was a kind of youth, “hipster’s” platform where budding designers could express themselves. A few years later, our company joined the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, deciding to actively support it. With confidence, I can say that we have been able to put Ukraine on the world fashion map! Now our designer’s products are sold at Colette and Selfridges, Moda Operandi and other fashion outlets. Many fashion critics and Scouts regularly look to us for inspiration and new ideas. Fundamentally, to be a promising fashion designer, you need a quality education – interior design isn’t different in this regard.”

Nina Vasadze

After the speaker’s welcoming words, we discussed the prospects of the industry’s development in Ukraine and Ukrainian professionals’ integration in European interior design. Additionally, we talked of the importance of supporting talented youth and the Ukrainian educational system at this difficult time for our country.

Natalia Bolshakova, Simon Williams, Crean Lavery, Elena Hilkova

The relaxed and creative atmosphere of the event was supplemented with the special guests of the evening, Aniko Dolinze & jazz-band, driving music by Dj Davaj, gourmet treats and special gifts, making it feel energetic and festive.

The aim of the contest «Get me 2 The Top» is not only a search for and further support of young talent, but also to promote the development of specialized universities in the country. Such initiatives are extremely important for Ukraine, because they help to combine the process of training and practice, influencing directly the successful beginning of each individual young specialist in the field of design.

Ahead are three months of active, hard work, becoming familiar with talented Ukrainian youth, bright, creative projects and a lot of ideas. We encourage inspiration and belief in yourself to all the contestants.

There is only one-step that separates each of you from your dream! Do not miss your chance!

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33