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New aspects of art: the amazing glass sculptures by Marc Lepilleur

When we create interiors for our clients, we carefully select each item, as we appreciate how each detail is fundamentally important. Sometimes even a small installation or a painting can completely change the perception of the space as a whole.

Recently, we were made aware of amazing glass sculptures by the French artist Marc Lepilleur Regardless of size and colour, each of them is unique. Mark uses a unique and very sophisticated technology to achieve stunning, unbelievable form and multi-dimensional shades.


Lepiyo grew up surrounded by creative people, training as an engineer. He then started a practice at the legendary Museum of Fine Arts. It was there that glass caught his attention for the first time as a potentially ambiguous, but very promising creative material and he began to explore the intricacies of its processing and transformation.

Intuitu personae

The foundation for many of the the fundamental concepts underpinning his work, is primarily inspired by nature. Mark uses four basic earth elements and cleverly incorporates them into each of his sculptures. The titles of the master’s collections are: «Intuitu personae», «Alchimie», and «Méandres».

It is astounding how the passion of flames, a breath of wind and even the power of boiling water are brought to life in an ostensibly static sculpture. Thanks to this, almost mystical component, Mark’s sculptures have the strength to “revive” almost any interior.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33