There are new aspects of art: the amazing glass sculptures by Marc Lepilleur

When we create the interiors for our clients, we carefully select each item, because we know how the details are important. Sometimes even a small installation or a painting can completely change the perception of the space as a whole, building around them a new, special history and concept.

Recently, amazing sculptures of glass by French artist Marc Lepilleur got to the field of our vision. Regardless of the size and color, each of them is unique. Mark uses the sophisticated technology, which virtually have no analogies, to achieve stunning, unbelievable form and multi-dimensional shades.


Lepiyo grew up surrounded by creative people, received engineering education, and then held practice at the legendary Museum of Fine Arts. Exactly there for the first time glass caught his attention as ambiguous, but very promising art material and he began to delve into the intricacies of its processing and transformation.

Intuitu personae

If we talk about the main concepts of his works, the artist is inspired primarily by nature: Mark adores all four elements of earth, and sings them in each of his sculptures. The titles of the master’s collections: «Intuitu personae», «Alchimie», «Méandres»sound least exalted, by the way, we are particularly impressed by the creation of them.


It is astoundingly, but, the passion of flame, breath of wind and even the power of boiling water as the things that are impossible, as a rule, to conclude in a static sculpture, here clearly guessed in the bizarre verges. Due to this, almost mystical component, Mark’s sculptures make the strength to “revive” almost any interior.