Time for yourself. The meeting with Lina Vertagus, a famous nutritionist and trainer.

Clients of Nataly Bolshakova Interiors Studio are used to getting the best: perfect design and an individualistic attentive approach to everyone is paramount. It is important to realise that such a result is not possible to achieve if the team working on the various projects is not ultra sensitive to a client’s wishes and idiosyncrasies.

We regularly organize meetings with experts from various lifestyle-sectors to create a similar atmosphere and enable colleagues to display their talents productively. Through these meetings, our employees and friends generate new ideas and thoughts that can significantly improve the quality of many areas in their life.

That is why we invited the well-known nutritionist and trainer Vertagus Lin to our studio, who enlightened us about some basics of nutrition and sport relating to improved physical and mental health. As part of a warm and friendly discussion, we were given some useful information and once again came to the conclusion that a healthy lifestyle, it seems, never goes out of fashion.

“External beauty is undoubtedly important and, to a large extent determines the first impression. However, in my opinion, internal harmony is even more important. My team and I are going to keep abreast of trends in our professional field and, of course, consider trends from other areas, such as sport. Thank Lina for having reminded us the importance of health care. We will be happy to put this knowledge into practice, “- said Natalia Bolshakova.