Bolshakova Interiors

The exposition of the showroom, the design concept of which was born as a creative collaboration of DOMIO Group and Bolshakova Interiors studio, is presented in an elegant interior with a high living atmosphere. The space presents innovative ideas and leading collections from the flagships of the Wellness direction – brands Gessi, Antolini and Dedon.
New space Gessi Private Wellness showroom by Domio — is the embodiment of an integrated approach to designing the interiors of bathrooms and recreation areas in a modern interpretation.

The showroom translates the total look concept from Gessi, whose success is marked by the idea to change the traditional view of the bathroom as a purely functional room, turning it into an area of ​​creativity and expression of individuality.
The furniture exposition is represented by the collection of the German brand Dedon — a manufacturer of premium wicker outdoor furniture
The aesthetic design of the space was completed with decorative lighting from Lee Broom brand and textile decor by Loro Piana Interiors, Lualdi interior doors were chosen for zoning the space. The innovative material Kerakoll has been used in wall and floor finishes, in places where increased material stability is needed.