Bolshakova Interiors

We reflected the calmness of the interior using more vibrant accents – an armchair with a deep emerald hue, a wine-colored plaid from Loro Piana Interiors. In the center there is a large sofa for cozy family evenings and a Poliform marble table. Sliding doors with a geometric pattern from Lualdi complete the ambience.
The space is enriched with creamy tones by Aster. As regards the dining area, we opted for a Cattelan Italia table and chairs, ostensibly for their functionality. The area is completed using pendant lamps from Penta and sconces from DelightFULL. The artwork is by Maria Vozvyshaeva.
This area boasts warm and natural materials, soft textures, the deep blue creates an atmosphere of depth and tranquility. A Minotti brand plastic bed and cabinets were used here. To provide a comfortable place for reading, we placed a puffy Santa Monika Lounger by Poliform and a light from Heathfield & Co near the window.
Chocolate shades, relief on the walls, textured and glossy surfaces continue the style developed in the bedroom. Travertine, a natural light stone, was used as it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. MillDue Mitage furniture perfectly complements the interior.
The key to the overall look is neutral colors, which were chosen for their longevity. Children grow up quickly and tastes change. Floral Wall & Deco wallpaper is combined with a Poliform armchair and decorative pillows. The Moooi brand light accentuates the playful mood the room generates.
Blue and berry elements were added to the laconic gray tones of the room. It was important to accommodate the child`s numerous gadgets and books. With this in mind, we used Zalf furniture, which fulfilled these practical requirements. The bed was carefully chosen with children in mind and sourced from the Twils brand.
We transformed the hall into a “navigation center” for the home. Attention is drawn immediately to the refined Fabbian chandelier and the Art et Floritude panel. A chest of drawers from the Cattelan Italia brand was placed in the hallway.
For the office, we selected classical looking furniture from Poliform in dark shades of leather and wood.