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Fabulous Monaco apartment


Monaco is a region for bon viveurs, who understand the true meaning of luxury and comfort. Therefore, the client’s desire was to create a slightly relaxed but elegant environment that would fit with the atmosphere of Monaco and their own character.


The room is filled with a transparent living light, which highlights a floral pattern on the walls sourced from de Gournay (Plum Blossom collection). A sensual and rich combination of cherry and pearl white with brass accents adds to the unique feel of the environment and is complemented by a magical addition; the honey glow of an onyx sofa table (Longhi, Ansel model). Vittoria Frigerio bergers with velor upholstery and a crystal chandelier by Lalique (Perles collection by Pierre Yves Rochon) also grace the space.


The space is divided into several zones, including a dining room and a space for meeting more informally. After careful consideration we used a specially made accent piece, a mustard-yellow dresser with a slightly masculine form. We accentuated the aristocratic feel of the interior with a Ginkgo chandelier (Lalique & Delisle collaboration) combining rocky decor and nickel decoration. Its design was a homage to ginkgo biloba, an ancient oriental tree and a symbol of longevity.


We proposed a kitchen design incorporating modernity,style and naturally functionality. The ideal solution was the Poliform Monochrome Kitchen featuring pear yellow upholstered chairs, and a Lee Broom LED matte black chandelier (Carousel collection) with polished gold trim giving some much needed lightness to this beautiful space.

AB GAMES universe


The general concept of the project reflects the values of the company, such as passion for computer games and continuous development and care for employees. The building boasts spectacular city views from all vantage points. During the design process, we tried to stay focused on the unique skills and vision required from employees. As a result, we created a space that allows creative people to use their talents in an environment that supports their style of working.


In one room, we installed a small cinema and created an area for board games, entertainment and events. An additional feature of the space is a well resourced art library.


The Art library is a source of inspiration for those who create virtual worlds, literature, film and music. It includes thematic literature and materials from exhibitions and presentations.


A monitor provides a visual representation of current programmes, announcements and events, depending on the time of year. On leaving the elevator, people are immediately aware of what is happening around them, and when.


We felt it was important to display the company's development and significant events during its development. We have installed niches and screens to showcase team photos, various awards and important dates. As the office area is almost 3000 square meters, it seemed sensible to put a map in a prominent position at the entrance.


In between working on the plush berry sofas, it is good to enjoy an aromatic coffee with colleagues. The bar is furnished with yellow and blue stools and chairs, which really stand out against the surroundings. For lighting, we opted for volumetric spherical chandeliers.

CEO space

The interior is decorated with calm colours and natural materials combined in a geometric style. Opposite the sofa we placed Stanford armchairs by Poliform. The panoramic view from the window looks out towards the hills where Kiev was founded many centuries ago.


This area provides soundproofing and comfortable accommodation for up to 8 people. Above the solid wood table a belt pendant lamp by Flos illuminates the area.


The interior generates an atmosphere perfect for a working environment. Its light colours, noise insulation, necessary gadgets, modern ventilation and air conditioning systems all complementing each other. Here employees spend a lot of time at their monitors, so it was important to choose a comfortable, functional lighting system with dimmable light panels.


The large unoccupied space provides soundproofed secluded areas for more focused work requiring seclusion.


Bright meeting rooms are equipped with chalk boards, which provides additional opportunities for spontaneous creativity.


Zones are available between workspaces to facilitate communication between departments, exchange of ideas and experiences.


Against a background comprising of shades of gray and dark wood, some well chosen greenery completes the natural feel of the space. The company is committed to protecting the environment,the recycling system for sorting waste in the kitchen embodies this concept.

High Park Kiev 1

Style and Materials

The client wanted detailed Gothic and Oriental styles that convey a cosmopolitan mood. The decorative metal grillage serves as an enclosure and all walls have wooden panelling. Book matching was used on some of the surfaces; wood or stone are combined in pairs to compliment each other. We were inspired by Delightful Factory to use one of their light compositions in the central part of the lobby. The Coltrane model being deemed the most appropriate. The most creative acoustic dynamics from NacSound, an innovative Italian brand were used, combining impeccable sound quality with impressive design.

This project was created as a further development to the one below::


High Park Kyiv

Дизайн интерьера лобби жилого комплекса премиум-класса в Киеве

The design is intended to emphasize the high status of this residential area and its tenants. One of the requirements was using elements of Gothic and Oriental patterns to convey a certain mood.

Дизайн интерьера лобби жилого комплекса премиум-класса в Киеве

A hanging loudspeaker, produced by NACSound plays a dual role, allowing sound to be evenly distributed in the space and is a stylish addition to the decor.


When choosing furniture for the lobby, we opted for the Italian company Poliform. We singled out the legendary Mad Chair armchairs and Carmel model sofas. The creator of this furniture is the renowned architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud.

Дизайн интерьера лобби жилого комплекса премиум-класса
High park

High Park Kiev Project was in the top ten of an international competition, run by the British Design Guild at the SBID International Design Awards 2014.

House over the sea

Beauty Point Astana

Design philosophy

Our aim was to create a modern conceptual style in an international context. Minimalism combined with rich natural materials was the main driving force. The design needed to be fresh, relevant both now and in the future. The task was to provide a calm and harmonious space, where the entire interior acts as an appropriate background for the client and the featured product. The main idea is to focus on the person in the space, rather than emphasize the space itself. And we feel we achieved this difficult balance. Everyone entering this room should have a feeling of comfort and value and be content in a relaxed atmosphere. The metal mosaic Giles Miller Studio was used for the receptionist area and was designed especially for this project. We used Poltrona frau in the waiting area, Delightful and Kundalini for the lighting, Varenna Poliform in the kitchen and display cases.

Onyx as a detail of the interior

Unique patterns, the powerful energy and dynamism of nature, frozen in stone - that is why we chose Onyx. No additional decoration is required, only a calm background to emphasise its splendour.

Training center

The client base consists of salons, aesthetic centers and private individuals "Beauty Point" import trends and effective techniques from the manufacturer, introducing them to the consumers. The comfort zone for the training is key to successful distribution of the product. The space provides everything needed for presentations and workshops. All treatment rooms are equipped with state of the art apparatus and designed using colours and materials that are conducive to relaxation.

Laser equipment

Cabin for laser procedures needs the precise specifications. The floor tiles and walls glossy surfaces or synthetic materials were avoided. The design focussed on creating perfect conditions and a feeling of minimalism.

Manicure room

This location allows you to retire to have procedures for hand and feet care in comfort, for both the client and the beauty professional . Mobile Maletti equipment allows the possibility of modifying the space suitable for a wide range of procedures.

MUA room

The client can receive a full range of services in the parlor. The universal seat produced by the Japanese SPA-equipment manufacturer Takara Belmont can carry out a comprehensive range of procedures for the hair and face simultaneously. The mobile workstations from Maletti provide an opportunity to give a manicure and pedicure concurrently. Also in this location a makeup artist is available to give the final touches to your image. These treatments are provided in one zone that offers maximum comfort and is time saving.

Guest bathroom

Here contrasting black marble and mosaic Sicis, a mixture of glass and stone, were used. The plumbing is provided by the Italian designers Gessi, a spectacular bronze coating and designs based on the Dutch plant Quasar give it a classy facade.

Office zone

The working area for managers of the company was realized by taking into consideration the comfort and versatility for everyone. The space boasts office furniture by Mascagni, tiles in the bathroom by Atlas Concorde and plumbing by Cielo.

Dynamic city apartments

Charming seaside villa

Living room

Spacious and comfortable French-style home designed for a family with three children. The entire interior is designed in the classic French Provence style. In the living room we added a Sofa & Chair by Eichholtz and Roberto Giovannini.


For the kitchen, we commissioned the SieMatic factory to assemble all components exclusively for the order. These were selected by the clients. Dining at the sumptuous solid wood table from Salda is enhanced by the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Master Bedroom

Perfection and elegance are our guiding principles in the design of the bedroom, the use of delicate shades and furniture from Frato certainly adhered to this. Decorative lighting with silk lampshades by the English brand Heathfield was also used.

Master Bathroom

For the decoration of the bathroom, our designers used black marble, mosaic and solid walnut doors.

Children's room

The softly furnished children's room for the girl is decorated in powdery shades. A Poliform matching chair and Halley soft bed add to the general feeling of comfort. In the bathroom wallpaper from Wall & Deco, which are not afraid of water and moisture.

Children's room

The client’s wanted a British-style children's room for their boy. We developed a characteristic colour palette based on English designs and images.

Children's room

The eldest daughter’s room is a modern classic with oriental motifs and indigo accents. For the decoration of the walls, we chose suitably themed wallpapers from Glamora, which looked great with artificial and natural light. An armchair and bed from Eichholtz were also added.

The First house


A country house with a modern makeover, where integrity and harmony with the environment are fundamental components of the design.The client’s major consideration was to have plenty of space, something lacking in many apartments! This was their first house, so naturally the work on the project was very emotional.

Living room

When used in an imaginative way, stairways and ladders are interesting additions to any space, that's why when we have the opportunity to enter the interior in a more aesthetically pleasing way, we always look for alternative solutions. In the living room, we used furniture from Poliform, the straight lines accentuating the elegant lighting created by Penta. A connection with the street is an integral part of the interior, I did not want the overall experience to end at the windows. The fireplace is an important area for the family and allows spectacular views from the windows. The TV area is an extra element that was easily incorporated into the whole project.


The customer specifically requested a zone that was spacious with no narrow passages. At the weekend the whole family has breakfast together and this is valuable time! At weekends, the client cooks for his family. We allocated a separate area for cooking overlooking the beautiful landscape that can be seen from the window. The Poliform kitchen is equipped with all the necessary functional solutions, and the stand made of natural quartzite rises into the air, emphasizing the panels on the floor.


The bathroom reflects the mood of the entire ground floor and is constructed in contrasting shades. The combination of glass and tiles under the natural stone of Ardesia and wood creates an elegant impression. Plumbing was sourced from the Italian brand Cielo.

Master bedroom

The focal point is the view outside the window and was the basis on which the whole house was designed. The colour scheme of the bedroom is very muted. For the decoration of the walls we used panels faced with fabric from Loro Piana Interiors. The overall colour scheme is maintained with a discreetly designed Poliform bed with bright edging.


The main concept of the bathrooms is that mirrors don’t appear above the wash basins, so while washing in the morning, one can admire the natural beauty outside the window. The bathroom is constructed from “Sahara Noir” Italian marble and porcelain stoneware from Ardesia. Here we used plumbing fixtures from Gessi, the lighting was made by Santa & Cole.


In the house there are two children's rooms based on ideas generated by the children themselves. All the colours, finishes and decor were chosen by our young clients. Special attention was paid to textures and finishes, resulting in a bright, cheerful space. Lighting supplied by Lladro.


Children have different ideas and needs, so naturally their rooms are different. In this room more delicate shades that complement the wallpaper from Hermes were utilised. The shelves were constructed using the Dutch studio Moooi’s innovative “watching us animals” designs.


The bathroom is a vivid embodiment of what could be described as versatile conciseness. Bright wallpaper from the Italian factory Glamora and plumbing by Cielo complete the project.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33