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Home fragrance by Bolshakova Interiors

The idea of creating aromas evolved from a desire to influence not only the visual senses, but also the sense of smell. We searched for combinations that embody the concept of a beautiful and comfortable house.


To produce Bolshakova Interiors, we created unique home scents in conjunction with the French perfumery Bossem Creative. Production is located in Grasse, a city known as the birthplace of the best perfumers in the world.


The scents are very different in terms of their composition, but both reflect our delicate and elegant approach to perceptions of the interior. A fragrance for the home, something that encapsulates the emotions a person experiences when entering a room.


Emotion in a bottle! This is how our clients react to this fragrance. The incredibly fresh, multifaceted and elegant bouquet gives any interior a special feel. One can envisage a summer evening in a flowering garden. A juicy mandarin and the sensual sweetness of a peach combine with a subtle veil of jasmine. The aroma starts with pleasant, woody, amber bitterness.


The predominant element is jasmine. This is a tribute to the traditions of the art of French perfumery, as jasmine is a legendary flower that has been grown for centuries in Grasse, the undisputed capital of perfumery. This is a symbol of "Art de vivre" - the art of living, a phrase that exists only between the French. The heart of the aroma is mixture of alluring white musk, rose and noble iris.
Home fragrance by Bolshakova Interiors.

Candles by Bolshakova Interiors

The image of the flame, the sensation of warmth from the aroma of essential oils is something to behold. The scent of the perfumed candle from Bolshakova Interiors adds to the luxurious decor and is not out of place in the full light of day.

Carefully selected perfume is the key

The idea of creating candles came from an innate desire to warm our customers' hearts during long relaxing evenings. The most important component of the aroma candles is a range of exclusive French perfumes. These are fragrances that exude class and luxury, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who experiences them.


Top notes: strawberries, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon
Heart notes: rose, black pepper, clove
Base notes: cedar, giyak, patchouli, vanilla, caramel


Top notes: black pepper, ginger, caraway seeds, eucalyptus, mint
Heart notes: cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon
Base notes: vanilla, almond, chocolate, resin, sandalwood, cedar wood

Meghan table lamp by Nataly Bolshakova


Lighting is one of the main components when creating the perfect interior. The source of the light should be a visually beautiful design, which compliments the rest of the decor. After considering the overall effect our customers would appreciate, Natalya Bolshakova created an exceptional lamp that combines elegance and functionality perfectly.


The designer lamp from Bolshakova Interiors has an elegant vertical shape that creates an interesting contrast between matter and light. A stable marble base flows into a beautifully designed brass rod. The same material was used in the decoration of the lampshade, creating some eye-catching contrasts.

We are confident our lamp is an innovative and refined addition for your home and a source of aesthetic pleasure.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33