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White Penthouse


There is a mix of minimalism and classical elements in this project. I call this style "luxury minimalism". The availability of high-quality and precious materials such as wood, glass and marble allowed us to produce a natural interpretation of this style.

Living Space

This space is divided into three functioning areas. There is a living room with home theater and Tosconova furniture, a kitchen fitted with an Ola 20 serving peninsula by the Snaidero and Pininfarina studio.

Luxury Дизайн интерьера гостинной в стиле минимализм, нео-классика и ар-деко - Наталья Большакова
Luxury Дизайн интерьера спальни в стиле минимализм, нео-классика и ар-деко - Наталья Большакова

A section of the marble wall was removed and a Wall Rupture light in the form of a volcanic scoria, which emits light that changes depending on the ambient colours, by Flos Architecture was installed. Decorative lighting is supplied by Fabbian.

Home office

Italian leather furniture created by Ulivi dominates the entire design. We used leather from the same brand to complete the wall panels, wardrobe, column caps and pilasters.

Элитный Дизайн интерьера апартаментов в стиле минимализм, нео-классика и ар-деко - Наталья Большакова
Элитный Дизайн интерьера апартаментов в стиле минимализм, нео-классика и ар-деко - Наталья Большакова
Behind the design

The longitudinal embossed texture, developed by the designer of the project, became the driving force for the overall design . Lighting is provided by Contardi.

Kid chic

The bedroom is designed in a classic style by Dolfi Leone. Designers from the brand decorated the furniture with glamorous skulls hoping to find favour in the eyes of young fashionistas.

Smart House

The apartments are equipped with a "smart house" system. All engineering and functional areas, including heating, ventilation, humidification, air conditioning, lighting, audio, video surveillance system are connected to the easily controlled system

Bathroom and accessories

Tiles by Apavisa Nanoevolution Curve, Venis and plumbing by Rexa, Duravit.

River Apartment

The Idea

The residential complex is located in the city, although, you have the impression you are actually in a country house. We decided to combine elements of the outside environment with the internal design of the apartments, so the interior is designed in an eco-style with eco-friendly materials and natural shades.


For partitioning we used transparent glass by Henri Glass to free up space and maintain light. As part of this process, the kitchen evolved into a separate room, although it very much part of the studio interior. The wardrobe, which is constructed from dark wood in the lobby, epitomizes the 2-in-1 concept, functioning as a storage area and also home to the mini-bar.

Элитный Дизайн интерьера апартаментов в ЖК Riviera Riverside, Киев
Элитный Дизайн интерьера апартаментов в ЖК Riviera Riverside, Киев

Architectural lighting from Viabizzuno was chosen here. Candelabras by this brand can be easily installed on plasterboard surfaces, they can be painted in the colour of the walls or decorated with wallpaper, blending in beautifully with the interior.

Office Space

We tried to leave lots of free space for a work-room. The office area is free from prying eyes behind the sliding glossy panels, which were specially ordered. The table with leather trim from the Chic collection by Smania is highlighted by a spotlight. Any product from this manufacturer of luxury furniture is so stand alone elegant, it does not need additional decor.

Master bedroom

There are natural shades in this area as well. The calm tones of the coverings are naturally relaxing. However, the room does not look staid, because the architectural techniques involved in its construction make it an extraordinary space.


The bedroom is furnished and decorated by SMA Domino Plus. Its sleek blends are in tune with the architectural ceiling and "soften" protruding fragments from the walls. An interesting feature is that pedestals and chiffoniers in this model fold in a “domino effect”, so sections can be made more or less prominent.


After being shown the Metropolitan bathroom collection by Villeroy & Boch in black we made a decision instantly. There was no doubt as to what to use as the basis of the design, and how the furnishment of the bathroom would develop.

B/W style

It’s well known that contrasting colors, such as black and white are always a safe choice. The interior looks simple and stylish. A proportion of 70% lighter colours to 30% darker was maintained so as to keep the room nice and bright.

Drawing room blue interior


Of course, colour is the most basic element in an interior! It was actually the customer’s wish. Thanks to him for this! The style of decoration was chosen according to the British traditions of modern interiors.

Living room

The name given to the shade of blue is “Drawing room blue”. This is what the Farrow & Ball factory calls “the shadows” - an exclusive special in tones and their potential use. It’s not as simple as choosing the right overtone. Tortora, gray, dark wood + bright accents became the additional "participants" of the interior. Our preferences in stylistics are fully conveyed using products from the factories of Smania, Oasis, and light - Heathfield. There is also the incredible French porcelain by Haviland, collection of Belle Epoque!

Details and Tricks

To leave a sense of common space with a smooth "flow" of zones from one to another, without doors and unnecessary walls - this is what was achieved. Doors from the floor to the ceiling visually overstate the space. It's always a beautiful decision!

Correct solution

The conditional and subtle zoning, when closets are actually walls, allowed us to save space. Storage areas are inconspicuous, simply unnoticed, beautiful and quietly store things.

Private area

A bedroom is always a special zone. It is a place of rest, restoration and personal space. Harmony, coziness and comfort are important here more than ever. The bed linen is composed of incredibly soft and high quality fabrics complimented with gentle lace from LaPerla - this is what everyone needs!


Today’s people need a comfortable space in which to care for themselves. So we are already "spoiled". Attributes that create beauty and purity have already become a necessity. We also understand that being in a beautiful place during all this procedure is also important!

Fontain Square Apartments


This project was created for a young couple who travel a lot, thanks to which their style and clear vision of space for living were formed. Here we can see a symbiosis of hotel luxury, modern chic and capacious minimalism.

Living room

It looks most spectacular in the evening, when the incredible design is illuminated and lighting brings it to life. The interior is dominated by deep, contrasting shades which make it both cozy and comfortable. The living room is furnished as a studio: the kitchen reflects the style and general philosophy of the project. To enlarge the space, we removed all the walls, keeping only a wooden panel, which separates the living room and the hallway. Surfaces are made of high-quality wood, which emanates good energy.

The Right choice

The furniture to design this project was chosen from beloved and proven Italian brands. The white chairs Jensen from Minotti are not only aesthetically flawless, but also supremely comfortable. The remainder of the furniture in this space is also supplied by this manufacturer. The kitchen Varenna, Poliform meets the main criteria - impeccable quality and design. In the dining area there is a table Lennon, Minotti and conceptual leather chairs Manta, Poliform. Penta Glo lighting makes this part of the room especially cozy and gives it a chic look. Another important detail of the space is a canvas by Ukrainian artist Yaroslav Prisyazhnyuk. In fact, its tonality was the starting point in the selection of shades and textures of fabrics in this area. Dedar managed to match these colours beautifully with their materials.


The bedroom is a special place, and we designed it creatively. Rich wood textures, bronze and ocher accents create a chamber, an intimate atmosphere, and custom-made wood panels intensify this impression.


There is an open bath in the bedroom – that was very ambitious decision, but we decided to take a calculated risk and it paid off spectacularly. The walls are decorated with simply designed panels of wood and glass.

Lighting + textile

One of the main accents in the stylization of the bedroom is Coltrane lighting from Delightfull, which is made of metal and appears unusual and unique. An effective, but cozy colour contrast of the zone was obtained thanks to the 100% wool textile from Dedar.

Master bathroom

The bathroom is both comfortable and stylish. This is thanks to the texture of natural marble, the noble gray shades of the stone and the cleverly thought out proportions of space.

Bolshakova Interiors Showroom

The Dream...

We create special interiors and space for these interiors must be special too. The design concept of our studio should dive our guest into philosophy that we carry and trends we follow. We want to immerse our visitors into atmosphere where they feel comfortable and to build magnificent projects together.
Many custom made solutions have been designed specifically for our project. In order to show our guests all our and our partner’s manufacturers opportunities. Individual products, not typical ones.


Modern design is not just a new trend anymore. Modern design is what a modern person needs — a mix of technology, comfort and quality. This is a lifestyle of modern people! And the style can be individual.

The Idea/aim of interior

We like to work with living spaces and we know about it practically everything. Private facilities, public areas for residential buildings — this is what we love to do and do well.
Our welcome-zone is designed as a place for meetings and communication, not as a private space or an office. We are always open for new acquaintances and new people!

We believe in miracles.

The most valuable resource is team. Together, we can do anything. Only the best ones stay with us, because we have common goals! We have great respect for our clients, we learn a lot from them. We have common rules in life — the pursuit of excellence, honesty and a healthy lifestyle.
Our partners must share the same value system — we trust our clients only to the best ones.
And... miracles happen, we know it!

Private residence Sunny Valley

Private residence Sunny Valley

An elegant and refined house for a family with a child, where every detail matters.

Drawing room

In the afternoon, the beautifully designed living room is flooded with sunlight. The lounge area has a large window and is perfect for family get togethers. The owners personal collection of pictures and ornaments find their ideal place in the house.

elegance, delicacy, simplicity

Individual style is emphasized in the decoration of the the house, which is a testament to our client active participation policy. On this project we worked intensively with the client in the studio and at the facility actively sharing information.


The austere furniture design and shining marble used in the design of the kitchen are complemented by cheerful textiles on the windows from the Hermes Jungle Life collection.


A much remarked upon highlight of the bathroom is the panel PAMPA from the French house Pierre Frey. It contrasts powerfully with the marble textures, resulting in a stunning overall finish .


The role of a wardrobe room in our life is often overlooked and undervalued. A properly organized wardrobe can initiate a good start to the day. It is also important to create ergonomic space so that this zone remains aesthetically pleasing, and of course has plenty of space for everything!

children's room

The most touching and charming room in the house is the nursery. Here everything is considered carefully to ensure the baby is comfortable and safe.


Dark colours in the bedroom, a controversial choice! Human psychology suggests that in dark colours, we feel more comfortable and protected. The colour surrounds and envelopes us... Also a private zone such as this allows you to make bold personal decisions, to relax and gain energy for the following day.


Today, it’s not enough just to live inside beautiful walls!
It is important to fill them with your own meaning, and this house is a positive confirmation of this ethos.

Poliform Varenna Kyev


The showroom recreates all kinds of living space, bringing visitors into an atmosphere of home comfort and allowing them to experience all the advantages of brands and opportunities available with their use.


Professionals specializing in exclusive living spaces: architects from POLIFORM, Nataly Bolshakova and co-founder of Domio Group Julia Danilova worked out the contents of the showroom in fine detail.


Designers recreated all types of rooms that are functionally significant in a modern house. On the left and right of the bedroom are two variations of dressing rooms equipped using different products of the brand. Transparent wardrobes add lightness to the interior and better convey the character of the inhabitants. Conversely, closed models are an ideal solution for lovers of classical design synthesized with functionality and modern developments.


There is also an office, a library with a fireplace, two living rooms with a dining table and a sitting area, two bathrooms, two kitchen spaces and two work areas for the company's employees.

Uncompromising quality

The welcoming zone for guests contains a dressing gallery for outerwear, textile and wallcoverings corners. There is also a working area for meetings with customers and a rich exposition of product samples.

Attention to detail

The showroom was able to recreate the symbiosis of modernity, minimalism, home comfort and a sense of uncompromising quality that permeates the whole atmosphere. Here, every nuance is considered and implemented with artistic taste and love.

Fine elegant apartment


The apartments were designed to offer a comfortable place to stay during business trips. It is a modern space in a calm colour range, conducive to relaxation.
Rich, warm, natural materials and minimalism, in well thought out combinations, create exceptional aesthetics in this interior. Specially selected art, created by the Ukrainian artist Oleg Tistol, give the place a unique atmosphere.

Living room

The common space functions as a recreation area and dining room and provides a smooth transition to the kitchen. Since the apartments are not designed for permanent residence, the space does not require too many storage places, which visually gives a sense of lightness and cohesion.


Simple, flat surfaces spark images of mountains and ice due to the combination of white and stone. Panel - Wall & Deco.

Private recreation

Master bedroom and bathroom - secluded areas decorated in neutral sand tones. Textured gypsum panels are used on the walls.

Soft touch residence


The client’s main desire was a white interior with a streamlined shape and red kitchen, which acted as the starting point for our team in creating the Soft touch residence. Bright accents in red colours emphasize the individuality of the owners and highlight pertinent details.


The living room is a place where we expect people to spend a great deal of of time and so we have combined it physically with the dining room and kitchen in order to visually give an impression of space and freedom. The concept of smooth lines was emphasised by a Vittoria Frigerio semi-circular leather sofa, which facilitates communication and pleasant evenings with the family. The interior complements the impeccable and carefully selected textiles from Hermes.


The elegant OLA 25 limited edition kitchen in red carbon with the sheidero brand by pininfarina helps provide the maximum level of ergonomics and functionality for a modern home space.


One idiosyncrasy of the dining area is the amazing view of the city. This facet helps turn its sombre appearance into a place where meals can feel like special occasions. The elegant chairs and table with a white marble worktop complete area.


The design of a dressing room was carefully considered and based on clean elegant lines, concise forms in strict proportions by Poliform. The unique chandeliers by ArteFloritude are based on elements of living nature and gave the space a certain balance.


The office is a mix of warm soothing colors, where nothing distracts from reading. The harmonious combination of glossy coatings with the matt surfaces of the Malerba furniture gives seems flawless.


Soft light, white coatings, delicate textures, an atmosphere of lightness and elegance expounds here. To bring this concept to being, we used furniture from the Italian factory Colombostile.


The bathroom was created using Italian mosaic by Sicis and is complemented by TOTO sensory plumbing. For maximum comfort, we chose furniture from the Oasis factory, which not only furnishes a bathroom, but surprises and innovates ideas.


The news of the appearance of twins in the family was emotional and uplifting, the Halley collection with Altamoda bears supported this upbeat mood. All furniture is made exclusively from natural materials, including the upholstery, varnishes and paints, creating a fairy-tale world, beautifully equipped for the development and creativity of children.

the Guest room

The guest room is decorated in contrasting shades. In the decoration of the walls we used wallpaper produced in France by Elitis, lighting from the British band Heathfield & Co. A soft leather sofa by Giulio Marelli complements the decor.


When decorating the guest bathroom, we were drawn to Bisazza, Italian mosaic professionals with a long and well documented history. The interior is a combination of modern style and technology.

Studio Bolshakova Interiors


The design concepts produced by our studio immerse the client into the philosophy that underpins everything we do and enables them to share our values and trends we follow. The welcome zone is designed as a place for meetings and socializing, not as a private space or office. We offer our visitors an atmosphere and ambience in which they will feel comfortable to join us in designing their dream house.


When creating interiors, we always focus on a timeless philosophy and really value our cooperation with companies that are best able to create high-quality interior objects. An example of this is a sofa and armchairs from the latest Poliform collection in Loro Piana textile.


Most of the solutions are designed exclusively for our studio in order to demonstrate to guests the capabilities of our company and manufacturing partners. In terms of individual products and unique finishes, we were limited only by our imagination. For example, the light above the negotiating table of the brand Lee Broom, carved from a single piece of сarrara marble and trimmed with brass inserts.


Our most valuable resource is our design team and together feel we can achieve anything. We respect our clients impeccably and learn a great deal from them and strive for the best results together. We trust our customers implicitly and we know that miracles happen, we see it all the time!


In the bathroom we used natural quartzite and light produced by the British brand Lee, an elegant model called Ring Light.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33