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Renaissance Residence


The bright, minimal interior is furnished with Mad burgundy chairs and a deep blue gradient carpet from Poliform. Adjacent to the chest of drawers, Meghan floor lamps from Natalia Bolshakova create patterns of light that demand attention. The comfortable Poliform sofas stylish look is completed with Hermes decorative pillows. Indoor sculptures by Nazar Bilyk enhance the ambience.


The Poliform kitchen’s beige and glossy surfaces are complimented by gray Sitland bar stools. Above the Poliform dining table is a simply designed pendant lamp from Artemide. The interior contains an impressive painting by Anatoly Krivolap.


Contardі curved lamps support the Delavega plump light bed style. A Lora Piano terracotta blanket looks stunning beside the Poliform Sara mirror and the edging of a soft carpet from Lora Piano brings the space together. A mirrored chest of drawers exhibiting clearly defined features and dark Poliform sideboards add volume and symmetry to the bedroom.


The bathroom is resplendent in contrasting black and white colors, we opted for tiles from Atlas Concorde with a distinctive marble texture. The interior was supplemented with austere lamps from SLV and Paffoni fixtures.


Here we used Poliform furniture in dark wood and leather. Poliform armchairs in Lora Piano fabric were placed near the window. Unobtrusive lighting for the desk is created by the Meghan table lamp by Natalia Bolshakova. There is nothing superfluous in the office, which facilitates a focus on work and reading.

AB GAMES universe


The general concept of the project reflects the values of the company, such as passion for computer games and continuous development and care for employees. The building boasts spectacular city views from all vantage points. During the design process, we tried to stay focused on the unique skills and vision required from employees. As a result, we created a space that allows creative people to use their talents in an environment that supports their style of working.


In one room, we installed a small cinema and created an area for board games, entertainment and events. An additional feature of the space is a well resourced art library.


The Art library is a source of inspiration for those who create virtual worlds, literature, film and music. It includes thematic literature and materials from exhibitions and presentations.


A monitor provides a visual representation of current programmes, announcements and events, depending on the time of year. On leaving the elevator, people are immediately aware of what is happening around them, and when.


We felt it was important to display the company's development and significant events during its development. We have installed niches and screens to showcase team photos, various awards and important dates. As the office area is almost 3000 square meters, it seemed sensible to put a map in a prominent position at the entrance.


In between working on the plush berry sofas, it is good to enjoy an aromatic coffee with colleagues. The bar is furnished with yellow and blue stools and chairs, which really stand out against the surroundings. For lighting, we opted for volumetric spherical chandeliers.

CEO space

The interior is decorated with calm colours and natural materials combined in a geometric style. Opposite the sofa we placed Stanford armchairs by Poliform. The panoramic view from the window looks out towards the hills where Kiev was founded many centuries ago.


This area provides soundproofing and comfortable accommodation for up to 8 people. Above the solid wood table a belt pendant lamp by Flos illuminates the area.


The interior generates an atmosphere perfect for a working environment. Its light colours, noise insulation, necessary gadgets, modern ventilation and air conditioning systems all complementing each other. Here employees spend a lot of time at their monitors, so it was important to choose a comfortable, functional lighting system with dimmable light panels.


The large unoccupied space provides soundproofed secluded areas for more focused work requiring seclusion.


Bright meeting rooms are equipped with chalk boards, which provides additional opportunities for spontaneous creativity.


Zones are available between workspaces to facilitate communication between departments, exchange of ideas and experiences.


Against a background comprising of shades of gray and dark wood, some well chosen greenery completes the natural feel of the space. The company is committed to protecting the environment,the recycling system for sorting waste in the kitchen embodies this concept.

Family cozy home


We reflected the calmness of the interior using more vibrant accents - an armchair with a deep emerald hue, a wine-colored plaid from Loro Piana Interiors. In the center there is a large sofa for cozy family evenings and a Poliform marble table. Sliding doors with a geometric pattern from Lualdi complete the ambience.


The space is enriched with creamy tones by Aster. As regards the dining area, we opted for a Cattelan Italia table and chairs, ostensibly for their functionality. The area is completed using pendant lamps from Penta and sconces from DelightFULL. The artwork is by Maria Vozvyshaeva.


This area boasts warm and natural materials, soft textures, the deep blue creates an atmosphere of depth and tranquility. A Minotti brand plastic bed and cabinets were used here. To provide a comfortable place for reading, we placed a puffy Santa Monika Lounger by Poliform and a light from Heathfield & Co near the window.


Chocolate shades, relief on the walls, textured and glossy surfaces continue the style developed in the bedroom. Travertine, a natural light stone, was used as it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. MillDue Mitage furniture perfectly complements the interior.


The key to the overall look is neutral colors, which were chosen for their longevity. Children grow up quickly and tastes change. Floral Wall & Deco wallpaper is combined with a Poliform armchair and decorative pillows. The Moooi brand light accentuates the playful mood the room generates.


Blue and berry elements were added to the laconic gray tones of the room. It was important to accommodate the child`s numerous gadgets and books. With this in mind, we used Zalf furniture, which fulfilled these practical requirements. The bed was carefully chosen with children in mind and sourced from the Twils brand.


We transformed the hall into a "navigation center" for the home. Attention is drawn immediately to the refined Fabbian chandelier and the Art et Floritude panel. A chest of drawers from the Cattelan Italia brand was placed in the hallway.
For the office, we selected classical looking furniture from Poliform in dark shades of leather and wood.

An Architect’s Bag

Awards and Prize

SBID Product Design Awards 2020 — shortlisted.


The designers were tasked with designing and producing a Bag for an architect that would, simultaneously serve as both a professional tool for A3-sized materials and an exquisite accessory. Nataly Bolshakova used her many years of experience and natural affinity with the needs of architects and designers to consider the finer details and nuances involved in designing such a product. Developed in collaboration with Puffin`s buro.


Inside the bag, there is storage for the complete set of tools for a modern architect. Namely - a padded compartment for a laptop, a padded pocket for a tape measure, a compartment for a smartphone, a pocket with a zipper for personal documents and, of course a place for writing utensils.


The main difficulty was to design a large but functional case that look stylish, both in the hands of a debonair man or an elegant woman. Thanks to the proportions of its geometrical lines and shapes, the finished product was practical and refined.


An additional consideration was the desire to add volume and extra space. In total, 54 patterns were designed, making a total of more than 52 meters of precise lines with a certain strict logic. 111 parts were cut for one bag using these templates, and more than 28 types of materials were used.


The fasteners and zippers of this bag are made from solid brass, a time-tested material traditionally used in England. It can be found both in the form of exhibits in the British Museum, and door handles in Chelsea or Belgravia. This material is very durable and keeps its beauty over the years.

Inside details

Inside of this bag we used Hermes fabric from the Animaux Camouflés collection. The Bag is painted entirely by hand in a noble wine color, with patina creating additional volume and texture.

Crystal Park residence


The apartments are located in the middle of an old Kyiv park with a rich history dating back to the 19th century. The main idea of the project is to integrate wildlife into the interior and to combine natural textures with loft elements. The client travels frequently and wanted to feel comfortable and relaxed in the atmosphere at home, so this meant the interior would not be full of overpowering shades.

Living room

The main focus in the living room is a panorama of the city outside the window, the walls boast calm shades enhancing the bright green colour encouraging people to look outside. The highlight is the Poliform sofa in terracotta Loro Piana fabric, which compliments the Tom Dixon spherical lamps in the kitchen area. The wall is decorated with a wall panel by Glamora.


There is nothing superfluous here - that is why the decision was to choose a kitchen from the Poliform and Veneta Cucine factories, who offer simplicity and functional solutions. To give a pleasant tactile sensation, I wanted to add natural wood to this area, and we used solid teak as a tabletop, as natural wood is beautiful in itself. I would also like to mention the refined Seattle Poliform chairs designed by French designer Jean Marie Massaud. which are made of high-quality smooth leather with a stainless steel frame. The delicately perforated leather at the seams demands attention.


When entering the bedroom, the authentic brickwork at the head of the bed is a head turner. It conjures up a picture of a workshop where workers are dismantling old buildings, washing, sawing and creating decorative bricks. Opposite the window is a Poliform armchair in Loro Piana cashmere trim and a Santa Cole Dorica floor lamp. The composition is completed with a natural handmade carpet from OLK Manufactory.


In this space, we wanted to create an environment that helps to focus on work, but at the same time, include interesting details that will inspire. For example, the weightless Bon Jour table lamp by Flos seems to float in space, and the art on the table and by the sofa creates an imaginative space.


To support the loft theme, the designers used Atlas Concorde's Brave tiles with a concrete-like texture. The elegant panel from Glamora echoes the nature motives in the apartment and adds volume to the room.


The height of the ceilings in the hallway is accentuated by the positioning of a beveled mirror. Poliform's elegant New York pouf adds comfort to the space. Harmony with nature is reflected in a painting from the Equillibrium collection by Maria Vozvyshaeva.

Charming seaside villa

Living room

Spacious and comfortable French-style home designed for a family with three children. The entire interior is designed in the classic French Provence style. In the living room we added a Sofa & Chair by Eichholtz and Roberto Giovannini.


For the kitchen, we commissioned the SieMatic factory to assemble all components exclusively for the order. These were selected by the clients. Dining at the sumptuous solid wood table from Salda is enhanced by the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Master Bedroom

Perfection and elegance are our guiding principles in the design of the bedroom, the use of delicate shades and furniture from Frato certainly adhered to this. Decorative lighting with silk lampshades by the English brand Heathfield was also used.

Master Bathroom

For the decoration of the bathroom, our designers used black marble, mosaic and solid walnut doors.

Children's room

The softly furnished children's room for the girl is decorated in powdery shades. A Poliform matching chair and Halley soft bed add to the general feeling of comfort. In the bathroom wallpaper from Wall & Deco, which are not afraid of water and moisture.

Children's room

The client’s wanted a British-style children's room for their boy. We developed a characteristic colour palette based on English designs and images.

Children's room

The eldest daughter’s room is a modern classic with oriental motifs and indigo accents. For the decoration of the walls, we chose suitably themed wallpapers from Glamora, which looked great with artificial and natural light. An armchair and bed from Eichholtz were also added.

Open mind office


The entrance area to the office is highlighted with bright accents. As you exit the elevator, the functional azure blue armchairs from Sitland are positioned adjacently and perfectly match the natural wood paneling on the walls and ceiling. For a more comfortable pastime, lounging in the soft zones with pillows in yellow and berry shades is an option.

Open Space

The company specializes in the development of computer games, so one of the key requirements was comfortable, functional lighting and open space. To address this request, we installed dimming, which is easy to control using the "smart home" system.


There are two functional negotiation zones on the premises, which are well soundproofed, making it possible to comfortably hold meetings within the office. The rooms are equipped with modern technology and devices.


Of particular importance to the company is a recreation area where employees can communicate, share ideas and be inspired to create new projects. They spend time here playing a game console, playing board games or reading fascinating books. This part of the office always has an atmosphere of fun, creativity and relaxation. There is a lot of greenery in the interior, so the using a carpet resembling a lawn looks harmonious and is a natural way of zoning.


The space is very compact and functional. Situated between the work and recreation area, the kitchen becomes a smooth transition to both rooms. There is a drawing area on the wall to generate ideas from creative employees.


There is nothing superfluous here - only deep natural shades combined with a garnet-colored pouf.

Meghan table lamp by Nataly Bolshakova

Awards and Prize

SBID Product Design Awards 2020 — shortlisted.

The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020 — shortlisted.


Lighting is one of the main components when creating the perfect interior. The source of the light should be a visually beautiful design, which compliments the rest of the decor. After considering the overall effect our customers would appreciate, Nataly Bolshakova created an exceptional lamp that combines elegance and functionality perfectly.


The designer lamp from Bolshakova Interiors has an elegant vertical shape that creates an interesting contrast between matter and light. A stable marble base flows into a beautifully designed brass rod. The same material was used in the decoration of the lampshade, creating some eye-catching contrasts. Made in Italy.

Our lamp is an innovative and refined addition for your home and a source of aesthetic pleasure.

Private residential Emerald Villa

Awards and Prize

SBID International Design Awards 2020 — shortlisted.

The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020 — shortlisted.


When we worked on the interior design of the "Private Residential Emerald Villa" we wanted to create a sense of celebration and apply bold combinations of colour. The space is like a glistening picture, the bright background requires balance with intense and vivid strokes. We also faced the challenge of incorporating the eclectic stylistics of the interior, including a private collection of art and family objects.


The green terrace is decorated with Marinette furniture from the Saint Tropez collection and complemented by rich accents, such as Loro Piana plaid and Herme pillows. It is ideally placed to enjoy views of the garden and the river.


Whilst working on the living room, we were heavily influenced by interiors in France and Britain and their active colour schemes, which we wanted to bring to the interior. We strove to create a sense of celebration, rich colours and unexpected combinations. A resplendent accent here is generated by the red sofa from Wales and Brabbu textiles Adamo & Eva, Dedar. Black velour armchairs from Dukono, Brabbu, and a floral carpet from Moooi also grace the room.
Accessories: Sourced from Bolshakova Interiors accessories.


The central element of the kitchen is the brass bar design, specially made based on our sketches, and accent red bar stools from Brabbu. The light above the bar was provided by Lee Broom. The dining room is decorated with a vintage wooden table and vintage Dedar upholstered chairs, all from the client’s personal collection.


Upon entering the bathroom, you experience a unique atmosphere, which was created using wallpaper from Limerence from the House of Hackney collection. This is further enhanced by interesting lighting and paintings from a private collection from a modern Georgian artist.
Accessories - Provided by Bolshakova Interiors accessories


We designed the space in white, emphasizing the black plastic detail. The French sliding doors speak for themselves and any additions would only have distracted from their perfection, both in terms of form and function. They are also the gateway to views of the beautiful garden. Armchairs and deckchairs were supplied by Freinder, Safi and Maroc.


The slightly active feel of the living room is juxtaposed by the calm mood of the bedroom, decorated in calm creamy colors. We chose a bed from the King Koil, which embodies the concepts of classics and modernity, a powder blanket from Quagliotti and pillows from Hermes gave the finishing touches.


The bathroom is a continuation of the calm mood of the bedroom. Here we used furniture from the Italian factory Gaia.
Accessories, again sourced from Bolshakova Interiors accessories

Fabulous Monaco apartment


Monaco is a region for bon viveurs, who understand the true meaning of luxury and comfort. Therefore, the client’s desire was to create a slightly relaxed but elegant environment that would fit with the atmosphere of Monaco and their own character.


The room is filled with a transparent living light, which highlights a floral pattern on the walls sourced from de Gournay (Plum Blossom collection). A sensual and rich combination of cherry and pearl white with brass accents adds to the unique feel of the environment and is complemented by a magical addition; the honey glow of an onyx sofa table (Longhi, Ansel model). Vittoria Frigerio bergers with velor upholstery and a crystal chandelier by Lalique (Perles collection by Pierre Yves Rochon) also grace the space.


The space is divided into several zones, including a dining room and a space for meeting more informally. After careful consideration we used a specially made accent piece, a mustard-yellow dresser with a slightly masculine form. We accentuated the aristocratic feel of the interior with a Ginkgo chandelier (Lalique & Delisle collaboration) combining rocky decor and nickel decoration. Its design was a homage to ginkgo biloba, an ancient oriental tree and a symbol of longevity.


We proposed a kitchen design incorporating modernity,style and naturally functionality. The ideal solution was the Poliform Monochrome Kitchen featuring pear yellow upholstered chairs, and a Lee Broom LED matte black chandelier (Carousel collection) with polished gold trim giving some much needed lightness to this beautiful space.

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+38 067 373 33 33