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Beauty Point Astana

This is a concept project of cosmetology in a training center for a representative company of European cosmetic products focussing on the market in Kazakhstan. The company provides a high level of services, conducts master classes and provides procedures. The overall area is 160 m2.


160 m2




3 months

Planned implementation period

6 months


Paltrona frau, Poliform, Varenna, Vitra, Mascagni


Delightfull, Linealight, Kundalini, Vibia, Quazar

Specialized equipment

Maletti, Tokara Belmond

Finishing materials

Wall & Deco, Giles Miller Studio, Apavisa, Atlas Concorde, Sicis, Onyx, Marble.

Design philosophy

Our aim was to create a modern conceptual style in an international context. Minimalism combined with rich natural materials was the main driving force. The design needed to be fresh, relevant both now and in the future. The task was to provide a calm and harmonious space, where the entire interior acts as an appropriate background for the client and the featured product. The main idea is to focus on the person in the space, rather than emphasize the space itself. And we feel we achieved this difficult balance. Everyone entering this room should have a feeling of comfort and value and be content in a relaxed atmosphere. The metal mosaic Giles Miller Studio was used for the receptionist area and was designed especially for this project. We used Poltrona frau in the waiting area, Delightful and Kundalini for the lighting, Varenna Poliform in the kitchen and display cases.

Onyx as a detail of the interior

Unique patterns, the powerful energy and dynamism of nature, frozen in stone - that is why we chose Onyx. No additional decoration is required, only a calm background to emphasise its splendour.

Training center

The client base consists of salons, aesthetic centers and private individuals "Beauty Point" import trends and effective techniques from the manufacturer, introducing them to the consumers. The comfort zone for the training is key to successful distribution of the product. The space provides everything needed for presentations and workshops. All treatment rooms are equipped with state of the art apparatus and designed using colours and materials that are conducive to relaxation.

Laser equipment

Cabin for laser procedures needs the precise specifications. The floor tiles and walls glossy surfaces or synthetic materials were avoided. The design focussed on creating perfect conditions and a feeling of minimalism.

Manicure room

This location allows you to retire to have procedures for hand and feet care in comfort, for both the client and the beauty professional . Mobile Maletti equipment allows the possibility of modifying the space suitable for a wide range of procedures.

MUA room

The client can receive a full range of services in the parlor. The universal seat produced by the Japanese SPA-equipment manufacturer Takara Belmont can carry out a comprehensive range of procedures for the hair and face simultaneously. The mobile workstations from Maletti provide an opportunity to give a manicure and pedicure concurrently. Also in this location a makeup artist is available to give the final touches to your image. These treatments are provided in one zone that offers maximum comfort and is time saving.

Guest bathroom

Here contrasting black marble and mosaic Sicis, a mixture of glass and stone, were used. The plumbing is provided by the Italian designers Gessi, a spectacular bronze coating and designs based on the Dutch plant Quasar give it a classy facade.

Office zone

The working area for managers of the company was realized by taking into consideration the comfort and versatility for everyone. The space boasts office furniture by Mascagni, tiles in the bathroom by Atlas Concorde and plumbing by Cielo.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33