Family cozy home

This is a house project with total area of 550 m2, where all the necessities are considered. The common area and bedrooms are located on the same floor, and the SPA zone and guest rooms -1 floor.


550 m2



The term of work on the project

3 months


Poliform, Cattelan Italia, Minotti, Aster, Twills, MillDue Mitage, Lualdi, Longhi


Heathfield, Bella Figura, Art et Fluoritude, Flos, Fabbian, Delightfull, Penta, Moooi

Finishing materials

Wood, Marble, Little green, Atlas Concorde, Laminam


The house is built for a cozy and happy life of a modern family with teenage children. They chose comfortable modern design, not cold, but without unnecessary details.

Welcome zone

Hall is always a special part of the space. It is important to create the right ergonomics of space, because halls divide spaces and serve as a transit between all zones, they should be conveniently arranged for an intuitive understanding of private and public zoning.

Hall always takes a place; it is always not a living space, where people usually do not spend much time.
Therefore, it is always difficult to add the sense of spaciousness to use the space with benefits.

But our task is to make this room a beautiful "navigation center" of house.
Accent light installations, correct colors and decorative elements help to gain the right point.

Master bedroom

Elegance and moderate luxury - this is what the cosiness is. Warm natural textures should always be combined with cold shades to create a balance for an inner balance sense.

Adult children’s room

Children think 10 times faster than adults do! Therefore, the interior around them should be with a perspective for 5 years ahead. And you have to ask their opinions and how they really imagine their room! Otherwise, the child will be unhappy in his comfort zone.


The dynamics of modern lifestyle requires a good relax! Natural materials and shades, borrowed from nature are the best ones for this purpose.


It's very important to be in shape! Both physical and emotional. Home SPA is the best space for sport, yoga, swimming, relaxation and communication.