Fontain Square Apartments

Apartments with a total area of 175 meters are located in the heart of Kiev. In addition to the multi-functional living room, they have two spacious bedrooms.


175 m2



The period of work on the project

3 months

The implementation period

9 months


Poliform, Varena, Minotti, Mobilf, Lualdi


Delightful, Linealight, Penta, Flos

Finishing materials

Small green, Emil ceramica, Sant'Agostino, la Fabbrica, Marble, Wood


This project was created for a young couple who travel a lot, thanks to which their style and clear vision of space for living were formed. Here we can see a symbiosis of hotel luxury, modern chic and capacious minimalism.

Living room

It looks the most spectacular in the evening, when our author's design completed with illumination and lighting comes into effect. The interior is dominated by deep, contrasting shades which make it both cozy and comfortable. The living room is furnished as a studio: the kitchen totally corresponds to the style and general concept of the project. To enlarge the space, we removed all the walls, kept only a wooden panel, which separates the living room and the hallway. Surfaces is made of high-quality wood which sheds some good energy.

The Right choice

The furniture to design this project, we chose from beloved and proven Italian brands. The white chairs Jensen from Minotti are not only aesthetically flawless, but also comfortable - by the way, the rest of the furniture in this space is also taken from this manufacturer. The kitchen Varenna, Poliform meets the main criteria - impeccable quality and design. In the dining area there is a table Lennon, Minotti and conceptual leather chairs Manta, Poliform. Penta Glo lighting makes this part of the room especially cozy and gives it a chic. Another important detail of the space is the canvas of Ukrainian artist Yaroslav Prisyazhnyuk. In fact, its tonality was the starting point in selection of shades and textures of fabrics in this area, and we found the right ones only from Dedar.


The bedroom is a special place, and we designed it creatively. Rich wood textures, bronze and ocher accents create a chamber, intimate atmosphere, and custom-made wood panels intensify this impression in the bedside zone.


There is an open bath in the bedroom – that was very ambitious decision, but we decided to take a chance and it was worth it. The walls are decorated with laconic panels of wood and glass.

Lighting + textile

One of the main accents in stylization of the bedroom is Coltrane lighting from Delightfull, which is made of metal and looks very unusual and unique. Effective, but cozy color contrast of the zone was obtained thanks to 100% wool textile from Dedar.

Master bathroom

The bathroom is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Thanks to texture of natural marble, the noble gray shades of the stone and the right proportions of space that gave us such desirable effect.