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Meghan table lamp by Nataly Bolshakova

The ideal lamp from Bolshakova Interiors will fill your home with comfort and light.

Photo: Tatka Shchetsko

Awards and Prize:
SBID Product Design Awards 2020 — shortlisted
The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020 — shortlisted

Awards and Prize

SBID Product Design Awards 2020 — shortlisted.

The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020 — shortlisted.


Lighting is one of the main components when creating the perfect interior. The source of the light should be a visually beautiful design, which compliments the rest of the decor. After considering the overall effect our customers would appreciate, Nataly Bolshakova created an exceptional lamp that combines elegance and functionality perfectly.


The designer lamp from Bolshakova Interiors has an elegant vertical shape that creates an interesting contrast between matter and light. A stable marble base flows into a beautifully designed brass rod. The same material was used in the decoration of the lampshade, creating some eye-catching contrasts. Made in Italy.

We are confident our lamp is an innovative and refined addition for your home and a source of aesthetic pleasure.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33