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Open mind office

The Office with an area of ​​260 square meters is located in Kyiv, "PecherSky" residential complex. The room is designed for 35 workplaces.

The design team is comprised of Nataly Bolshakova, Julia Artyukh, Olga Boyko.

Photo by Andrey Avdeenko


260 м2


12 months


8 months


The entrance area to the office is highlighted with bright accents. As you exit the elevator, the functional azure blue armchairs from Sitland are positioned adjacently and perfectly match the natural wood paneling on the walls and ceiling. For a more comfortable pastime, lounging in the soft zones with pillows in yellow and berry shades is an option.

Open Space

The company specializes in the development of computer games, so one of the key requirements was comfortable, functional lighting and open space. To address this request, we installed dimming, which is easy to control using the "smart home" system.


There are two functional negotiation zones on the premises, which are well soundproofed, making it possible to comfortably hold meetings within the office. The rooms are equipped with modern technology and devices.


Of particular importance to the company is a recreation area where employees can communicate, share ideas and be inspired to create new projects. They spend time here playing a game console, playing board games or reading fascinating books. This part of the office always has an atmosphere of fun, creativity and relaxation. There is a lot of greenery in the interior, so the using a carpet resembling a lawn looks harmonious and is a natural way of zoning.


The space is very compact and functional. Situated between the work and recreation area, the kitchen becomes a smooth transition to both rooms. There is a drawing area on the wall to generate ideas from creative employees.


There is nothing superfluous here - only deep natural shades combined with a garnet-colored pouf.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33