Private residence Sunny Valley

This is a country house with an area of 550 m2. It is located in Ukraine, not far from Kiev.


550 m2



Duration of the project

6 months

Term of implementation

18 months


FM Bottega D'Arte, Hermes, De Gournay, Pierre Frey, Soft House, Boca da Lobo, Seven Sedie, Eichholtz


Baccarat, Lladro, Eichholtz, Tradell

Finishing materials

Marble, Wood, Little green, Atlas Concorde


An elegant and refined house for a family with a child, where every detail matters.

Drawing room

In the afternoon, the ceremonial living room is flooded with sunlight, the lounge area near the large window is allocated for family meetings. Here every photo or picture from the personal collection of owners has found their ideal place in the house.

elegance, delicacy, simplicity

Individual style is emphasized in decorating the house — the result of client active participation. On this project we worked a lot with the client in the studio, at the facility and very actively sharing information.


The strict furniture design and the shining marble used in the design of the kitchen are complemented by cheerful textiles on the windows from the Hermes Jungle Life collection.


Unconditional highlight of this bathroom is the panel PAMPA from the French house Pierre Frey. In a contrasting combination with marble textures a beautiful result was obtained.


The role of wardrobe rooms in our life is extremely high. Properly organized wardrobe — a pledge of a good start to the day. It is also important to create ergonomic space so that this zone remains aesthetic, keeping a lot of things in it!

children's room

The most touching and charming room in the house is the nursery. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail so that the baby feels comfortable and safe.


Dark colors in the bedroom — right or wrong? According to human psychology in dark color, we feel more comfortable and protected. The color “envelops”... And also in a private zone you can allow yourself individual bold decisions in order to relax in Your own color and gain energy the next day.


Today, it’s not enough just to live inside beautiful walls!
It is important to fill them with your own meaning, and this house is a positive confirmation of this ethos.