Tiny Stylish

This is an example of a commercial but also conceptual residential real estate project designed for leasing. The customer had 4 typical apartments, which needed a uniform design. Our goal was to replicate the effect of 5-star hotel rooms, using precious materials and multipurpose design that would be attractive to potential tenants. We were restricted with budget, which affected our choice of decor, home textiles and house-hold appliances.


51 m2

The amount

4 typical apartments




6 months

Дизайн интерьера прихожей в современном стиле - проект Натальи Большаковой

A modern, universal and comfortable design. We tried to use quality materials, including wood, mirrors, lacquered surfaces. Abandoning clear white tones, we place the emphasis on deep and gentle shades, mostly for practical reasons.


Glamour and style is fundamental in our projects. In this project we created a contoured wall made of gypsum behind the bed. We based our design on an author's niche with a plant (artificial branches, frosted glass, muted lights) which we felt brings liveliness to the space. Not being fans of windows imitation we are sure this island of greenery perfectly refreshes the hidden space in the alcove bedroom that lacks natural light.

Дизайн интерьера спальни в современном стиле - проект Натальи Большаковой
Complete unit

Often customers select dishes, textiles and home appliances themselves, but for this project every detail was managed by our team. It turned out to be a completely new way of working. We used creative and eclectic approach for the choice of materials for decoration. There is an Italian kitchen, Spanish light patterns and Ukrainian parquet in this interior. It was important to make the best choice for the client within the budget. Choosing a complete unit for four similar facilities made it much easier to get a competitive price, so the client was satisfied with all aspects of our service.


We chose a stylish kitchen produced by Arrital Italian factory. The format is characterised by the island with a sliding top. This decision allows four people to be comfortably accommodated at the table, but in the assembled state the island is designed only for two.