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“White Penthouse ” on the pages of “Archidea” magazine

Modern styles give such a wide range of opportunities the creation of modern design means the architect actually gets carte blanche.

From the “mandatory program” of decoration of the apartment, the client’s have dictated only the total number of rooms (there are five- a combined living-dining-kitchen area, cabinet, bedroom and two nursery rooms), a clear division of space between public and private (the colour preferences were designated, the general area should be light, the master bedroom – dark), as well as a long-standing dream – a waterfall down the glass in the living room.

Carte blanche was not only creative; the apartment in the new house was an open space with supporting pillars without walls. As the public area remained as open as possible, columns there turned into decorative elements: stoned with mirrored stripes and additional black capitals with a hidden light. To add harmony to the two bearing columns, we have added two corner trim columns in a row, in the same finish.

The Mirrored effect is supported by glossy ceramic granite flooring in the kitchen-dining area. The wall, lined with polished marble provides an additional reflection in the living room. The wall is also the source of light and heat. In addition to the hidden lighting on the ceiling, the iconic light Flos – Wall Rupture with handmade fault, and mini bio fireplace was installed. The kitchen area is conventionally separated from the living room by the waterfall requested and backlit. However, through the transparent glass, down which the water flows, elegant lines of the cult kitchen Ola 20 Snaidero are clearly visible.

The subdued space of the master bedroom is unique and romantic: it is a separate area for maximum everything is zoned using transparent dark glass.

The cabinet also made with special attention being paid to the atmosphere. A lot of wood and leather were used, and wall panels are covered with the same leather that is used in the finishing of the rack and a table. One of the walls is decorated with a copyright plaster relief boasting thin vertical stripes.

Nursery rooms, with deliberate themes of growing have been made “for growth” – furniture, textiles and colours were carefully selected to support this idea.

The whole apartment is equipped with a “smart house” system that controls the heating system,radiators and water underfloor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, humidification, lighting, blinds control, home theater system, a system of “multi-room” (the sound is distributed evenly throughout all zones) and video surveillance. The project has become a satisfying achievement, with great attention to materials. Perhaps, the quality is one of its determinant properties. The project encompasses the concept of quality of life in general.

Kitchen – Snaidero
Dining Group – Ulivi Salotti + Rolf Benz
Sofa Zone – Tosconova Unique
Bedroom – Tosconova Unique
Cabinet – Ulivi Salotti
Nursery room – Halley, Dolfi
Lighting – Flos, Foscarini, Delta Light, Panzeri, Fabbian Illuminazione, Vibia
Plumbing – Jacuzzi, Rexa, Duravit
Doors – F.lli Longhi, Lualdi Porte
The total area – 330 sq.m.

+38 067 373 33 33
+38 067 373 33 33