Bolshakova Interiors

The entrance area meets with interesting lighting in the form of numerous balls from the Flos brand.
Artwork on Wall – Oleg Tistol, Ai Petri series. Decor – Pinetti on the Poliform Console Table.
In the living room, we used sofa from Poliform, model Belport the straight lines accentuating the elegant lighting Meghan created by Nataly Bolshakova. A connection with the street is an integral part of the interior, I did not want the overall experience to end at the windows. The italian marble fireplace is an important area for the family and allows spectacular views from the windows.
Armchair: Poliform, model Ipanema with Hermes fabric. Console Table on the righthand side – Poliform, model Quid.
When used in an imaginative way, stairways and ladders are interesting additions to any space, that’s why when we have the opportunity to enter the interior in a more aesthetically pleasing way, we always look for alternative solutions.
Accessories on the table from the Italian factory Pinetti and tea set from Hermes.
Artwork: Hermes, Nigel Peake, Evening – A Walk in the City, 2016 Hermès
The customer specifically requested a zone that was spacious with no narrow passages. At the weekend the whole family has breakfast together and this is valuable time! At weekends, the client cooks for his family. We allocated a separate area for cooking overlooking the beautiful landscape that can be seen from the window. The Poliform kitchen is equipped with all the necessary functional solutions, and the stand made of natural quartzite rises into the air, emphasizing the decorative concrete on the floor.
The bathroom reflects the mood of the entire ground floor and is constructed in contrasting shades. The combination of glass and tiles under the natural stone of Ardesia and wood creates an elegant impression. Plumbing was sourced from the Italian brand Cielo.
The focal point is the view outside the window and was the basis on which the whole house was designed. The colour scheme of the bedroom is very muted. For the decoration of the walls we used panels faced with fabric from Loro Piana Interiors. The overall colour scheme is maintained with a discreetly designed Poliform bed with bright edging.
The main concept of the bathrooms is that mirrors don’t appear above the wash basins, so while washing in the morning, one can admire the natural beauty outside the window. The bathroom is constructed from Sahara Noir Italian marble and porcelain stoneware from Ardesi. Here we used plumbing fixtures from Gessi, the lighting was made by Santa&Cole.
Children have different ideas and needs, so naturally their rooms are different. In this room more delicate shades that complement the wallpaper from Hermes were utilised. The shelves were constructed using the Dutch studio Moooi’s innovative “watching us animals” designs. Hanging lights: Lladro.
In the house there are two children’s rooms based on ideas generated by the children themselves. All the colours, finishes and decor were chosen by our young clients. Special attention was paid to textures and finishes, resulting in a bright, cheerful space. Lighting supplied by Lladro. Curtains: Hermes.
The bathroom is a vivid embodiment of what could be described as versatile conciseness. Bright wallpaper from the Italian factory Glamora and plumbing by Cielo complete the project.
The integrity and harmony with the environment are fundamental components of the design.