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We are Ukrainians. We support Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are supporting Ukraine until the Victory!

During this awful war, many of our team, as well as other Ukrainians, are being attacked by the russian artillery and ground troops in Ukraine.
Most members of our team are in the safe regions, but still not all the team and not completely safe.


How can you help?
• Go to rallies in your countries in support of Ukraine!
• Reject to cooperate with the russian companies and clients!
• Distribute truthful information about this war!
• Demand more sanctions for russia!
• Demand military and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine!
• Support Ukrainian Army here:

Nataly Bolshakova — founder and head of the studio Bolshakova Interiors, director of the Society of British and International Design in Ukraine, multiple international awards winner, as SBID International Design, Product Awards, European Property Awards, The International Design and Architecture Awards.

Bolshakova Interiors is international interior design studio specialising in luxury private residences throughout the world. Team is comprised of experienced interior designers, architects and project managers. Offering a bespoke service, we provide unparalleled expertise from the design concept to the selection of the furniture, lighting and accessories. The result is an exciting design journey that is fully customised according to each client’s wishes with exceptional results.

With offices in Ukraine and the South of France, Bolshakova Interiors works closely with its discerning international clientele to offer a highly personalised design service. Our approach subtly incorporates the design studio’s signature contemporary style while still allowing each project to be a reflection of its unique client and context. We feel the client’s taste, discover their unique archives and collections, and combine this style with their expertise to deliver a lasting universal design.

We design outstanding interiors in Europe, United Kingdom, Ukraine and wherever you are.

Nataly Bolshakova