Bolshakova Interiors

The main task of a studio project for designers was to build a dynamic space where workers can create virtual worlds with absolute comfort. The client asked to create a contemporary interior with a moderate and minimalist design language, yet to have a playful and creative DNA of the AB Games team in every corner.

“Our solution was to pick a dark color theme as a canvas on which some interior areas are highlighted with the help of deep blue, red, or yellow. We also left tones of space and white walls for AB Games workers so they would inhabit and fulfill it with their own creativity,” – comments Natalia Bolshakova.
In one room, we installed a small cinema and created an area for board games, entertainment and events. An additional feature of the space is a well resourced art library.
The Art Library is a source of inspiration for those who create virtual worlds, literature, film and music. It includes  thematic literature and materials from exhibitions and presentations
In between working on the plush berry sofas, it is good to enjoy an aromatic coffee with colleagues. The  bar is furnished with yellow and blue stools and chairs, which really stand out against the surroundings. For lighting, we opted for volumetric spherical chandeliers.
Everybody`s favorite place in the office is a built-in bar called “DoubleWin”, where every morning a professional barista is preparing a freshly brewed coffee, while some self-made recipes cocktails are available at night for the late time workers.
Against a background comprising of shades of gray and dark wood, some well chosen greenery completes the natural feel of the space. The company is committed to protecting the environment,the recycling system  for sorting waste in the kitchen embodies this concept.
The red corridor with LED backlight serves as a portal between the actual work zones and informal common spaces, a transformation between two states – relaxation and labor.

The interior generates an atmosphere perfect for a working environment.Its light colours, noise insulation, necessary gadgets, modern ventilation and air conditioning systems all complementing each other. Here employees spend a lot of time at their monitors, so it was important to choose a comfortable, functional lighting system with dimmable light panels.
Zones are available between workspaces to facilitate communication between departments, exchange of ideas and experiences.

The CEO`s room style stands out against the rest of the office interior with the neutral beige color theme, solid wood finishes, and minimalist ambiance. Presentable table by brand Bertolotto, made to order out of solid walnut with unique pattern, suspension lamp by Flos, armchairs by Poltrona Frau, and special edition wallpaper by Hermes with city silhouette – just a few design features, which can be found here.

This area provides soundproofing and comfortable accommodation for up to 8 people. Above the solid wood table a belt pendant lamp by Flos illuminates the area.
The interior style can be described as sophisticated minimalism with high comfort and functionality. Some design brands that can be found in the project are: upholstery furniture by B&B and Poltrona Frau, wallpaper by Hermes, suspension lighting by Luce&Light and Flos

A monitor provides a visual representation of current programmes, announcements and events, depending on the time of year. On leaving the elevator, people are immediately aware of what is happening around them, and when.

Here we used bright colours and neon lighting. Restrooms have creative changeable indicators on the doors, inspired by Star Wars` characters and developed by AB Games’ own design team, Red Dot Award winners.